The Most Expensive Chess Set in the World

 The Most Expensive Chess Set in the World

Chess is one of the oldest indoor games known to us. The game originated from India and then spread across Persia and then the rest of the world. The rules have changed over time and so has the increased popularity. The game is played on a board with 64 squares with alternate black and white colour. There are a total of 32 pieces involved in the game that are in two different colours. The game of chess has been one mind blowing game that involves lot of tactics, strategy and intelligence. Popular among all ages and across all classes, Chess can be a cheaper too. But chess sets can be costly too, with royalties and the rich craving chess sets from valuable items. Chess pieces or sets have been known to be carved out of wood, sandal wood, marbles, ivory and many other materials, and they can be pricey too. Here is a list of some of the costliest chess sets that have been produced. They are also highly imaginative and creative too.

1. Renault F1 Team Collection Chess Set

Renault F1 Team Collection Chess Set Pictures

This chess set is unique because of its creativity and styling. The chess pieces are crafted from real parts of a Renault Formula 1 car. The suspensions, hubs, wings, cockpit sittings are some of the components that have been brilliantly shaped and used as the pieces. These parts are made from a variety of material like stainless steel, aluminium with aircraft specification as well as titanium. The carbon fibres from the F1 car of Renault have also been used to design the game board. Priced at about 42,000 USD, the Chess set is definitely a collectible for F1 fans and Chess fans alike. Playing with these pieces is like a battle of wits and strategy on the tracks and on the board as well.

2. Carolingi XIV

Carolingi XIV Pictures

Piero Benzoni has designed each of the pieces of this extraordinary chess set meticulously. Each piece is beautiful to say the least and has been designed keeping in mind the name of the pieces. Made from gold these pieces can actually remind those times when kings and queens plundered gold from wars and their subjects also. The warring pieces can remind you of all great wars that you have read in history. The Ottoman invasion of Balkans, or the Crusade, or the Goth and Visigoth overrunning the Anglo Saxons and Slavs, you can imagine any one that catches your fascination. Priced at 113,600 USD approximately, the chess set will look best on the luxurious Onyx Chess table that also have been designed with warring elements.

3.  Art of War Chess Set

Art of War Chess Set Pictures

A magnificent piece, made in a tastefully and artistically moulded from gold and precious stone. The gold and rhodium custom pieces embedded with exquisite jewels make these pieces timeless classics. Customized jewel patterns and clothes design make the pieces unique and life like. The checker board is jewel incrusted and made from gold and rhodium. The board also has golden legs on which the board stands. The gold handles and elegant design oozes style and opulence. Priced at 750,000 USD, it is definitely one of the costliest chess sets in the world.

4.  Charles Hollander Diamond Chess Set

Charles Hollander Diamond Chess Set Pictures

Priced at 500,000 USD this is one of the most expensive chess sets in the world. Bernard Maquin created this astounding Chess set in 2005 which is an exclusive cocktail of art, jewellery and creativity involving the game of chess. It took about 4500 man hours and thirty talented craftsmen to create this classic masterpiece. The set was built using 1168.75 grams of white gold of 14 carats. Black and white diamonds of almost 186.09 carats were used and counted to 9900 individual pieces. It is definitely pricey and worth it.

5.  Jewel Royale Chess Set

Jewel Royale Chess Set Pictures

Commissioned by Boodles, a custom jewellery company from Britain, the Jewel Royale chess set is the most expensive chess set in the world. Made form gold and platinum, the chess set also uses precious stones like diamonds, rubies, pearls and sapphires. The king piece alone uses 146 diamonds and 73 rubies studded in 165.2 grams of 18 carat gold. Priced at about 9.8 million USD, this is certainly the most expensive chess set. – Bornrich

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