Most Expensive Bluetooth Headsets

 Most Expensive Bluetooth Headsets

Headsets always give the freedom of clinging on to your handheld or music playing device. It also allows the privacy of listening and without disturbing others. Headsets also allow the freedom to converse or simply enjoy music while using the hands for some other purpose. Bluetooth headsets go another step ahead by offering freedom from the cables and plug in jack. It also allows the user to have their phone or music system placed somewhere else and, enjoys the conversation or music from a distance, working, cooking or just enjoying the sunset. Most Bluetooth headsets need to match with the device over the version of Bluetooth application. There are different versions of the software and improving in transmission quality and security. Bluetooth headsets can be expensive compared to their cabled counterparts due to obvious reasons. Here are some of the costliest ones.

3. Black And Gold Mother Of Pearl, Mobiado Bluetooth Headset

Mobiado Bluetooth Headset

The Mobiado Bluetooth headset is made from black and gold mother of pearl. Made from anodized aluminium, the headset also boasts of Sapphire crystals in combination with mother of pearl. The headset is also tuned and manufactured to transmit high quality sound. Available in two tones that are stylish and elegant, the Mobiado Bluetooth headset is priced at about $360 USD.

2. The M 450 travel from Sennheiser

M 450 Bluetooth

The M450 Bluetooth headset from Sennheiser is priced at around $450 USD . The main feature of this headset is its compactness. It is also foldable, and works with the full array of Bluetooth enabled devices. The headset is known for its crystal clear sound and noise reduction abilities. The stereo profile due to A2DP is magnificent and adds to the listening pleasure and comfort. The M450 Blue tooth headset is also equipped with built-in volume control. USB chargeable Li-polymer battery is the source of power for this expensive Bluetooth headset.

1. Amosu Diamond MotoPure H12

Amosu Diamond MotoPure H12

This Bluetooth headset is designed by Amouso Luxury Ltd, based in the United Kingdom. They also specialize in luxury mobile phones, and have also come up with the most expensive Bluetooth headset. The headset is based on Motorola’s standard H12 headset. The earphone comes with three interchangeable ear cushions. The cushions are made of extremely comfortable and premium materials and are available in the standard editions also.

The two microphones in the headset reduce the background noise considerably and add to the transmitted sound quality. It also makes listening better on this headset. The Diamond H12 has its front face made from 18 carat gold. The 18 carat gold for making this headset can be opted from white gold or the yellow gold. The gold setting is then further studded with 184 diamonds in an artistic and artful manner. The diamonds weigh up to 3.47 carats. The choice of pink, black and white diamonds are also offered. The price of this extravagant Bluetooth headset is a mere $12,000 USD. Only 100 of these luxury items are to be produced.


Other than these three there are some other expensive Bluetooth headsets. One such Bluetooth headset is also known as ‘the Orb’ which can also double up as a fashionable ring. Priced at 130 USD to 175 USD, the ORB also is excellent in terms of sound quality, and also displays text messages, caller ID, and reminders. The ORD is also stylish to wear on ears. There are some other expensive Bluetooth headsets that include Apple’s headset, and designer headsets from other designers and sound engineers. – Bornrich

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