Gareth Bale Is The Most Expensive Soccer Transfer

 Gareth Bale Is The Most Expensive Soccer Transfer

Gareth Bale Picture GalleryGareth Bale is considered by many sports experts to be one of the most talented footballers ( north americans might refer to them as soccer players) in the world. The 24 year old Welshman has steadily grown in stature ever since he moved to London based English Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur in the year 2007. The 2010–2011 football season proved to be the most defining moment in Bale’s career. The Welshman dazzled the soccer world with several explosive performances. Football experts lavished great praise on Bale for the sensational hat trick he scored against European champions Inter Milan and marked him out as one for the future.

Gareth Bale PicsEven though Bale’s contract with Tottenham Hotspur was supposed to run till 2014 media reports indicated that the Welshman was deeply unhappy since the past one year owing to the English’s club failure to qualify for the high profile Champions League, considered by many as the greatest club tournament in the world. It seems that Bale was profoundly dissatisfied since he was unable to test his skills against the best footballers in the world. Consequently Gareth felt that he was unable to develop his skills to the extent he would have liked and was eagerly looking forward for an opportunity to move to one of Europe’s elite clubs.

Gareth Bale ImagesBale’s prayers were answered in spectacular fashion when on September 2013 Spanish giant Real Madrid snapped him up in a deal that has set the gold standard as far as club transfer fees are concerned. Over the years the Spanish giants have acquired a well-deserved reputation as one of the highest spenders in the football transfer market. Some of their acquisitions of world class footballers have come at record breaking prices. The club broke its own record by splurging 100 million Euros ($132 million) to acquire Bale’s services for the next six years.  The recent spending spree comfortably breaks the $120 million spent by the club to acquire the talismanic Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo a few years back. The figure is considered to be the new world record in the soccer transfer market and comfortably confers the honour of being the most expensive footballer in the world to Bale.

Speculations indicate that Bale will be raking in more than $25 million every year at Real Madrid from his playing contract. The figure is expected to rise further when Gareth sings lucrative endorsement deals.

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