Asia’s Most Expensive Cocktail is unveiled at Marina Bay Sands

 Asia’s Most Expensive Cocktail is unveiled at Marina Bay Sands

Asias Most Expensive Cocktail

Created through collaboration between Pangaea, the world’s most luxurious nightclub and Mouawad, the world’s most exclusive jeweler, the Jewel of Pangaea is Asia’s most expensive cocktail that offers you spectacular ingredients, experience, the presentation, and the story behind it all. Created by Singapore’s very own award winning mixologist Ethan Leslie Leong, this cocktail is offered in Singapore’s Pangaea nightclub, the brand synonymous with luxury experiences. Created using strictly premium products, the cocktail is topped of with a 1-carat diamond from Mouawad that gently dives into this drink of the sumptuous.

Jewel of Pangaea Asias Most Expensive Cocktail

“When a guest decides to buy The Jewel of Pangaea, the entire club stops and the recipient becomes the focal point of the room”, says Michael Ault, Pangaea’s founder. According to Ault, the cocktail gives you the over-the-top lavish experience of the entire club through just the cocktail. And how much would you shell out for this extravagant drink you ask? Well, it’s just a matter of adding $26,100 to your bar tab.

Jewel of Pangaea Most Expensive cocktail
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