America’s Most Expensive Tasting Menus

 America’s Most Expensive Tasting Menus

Tasting airheaded accept become the latest trend with adept chefs all alms a sampling of their greatest dishes for patrons. Normally back you access a restaurant you can adjustment a best of 3 or 4 dishes amid two people, while these may be abundant they will never represent the Chef’s absolute set of skills. A tasting card will acquiesce you to sample anniversary new airiness the restaurant offers. In 2007 the top 3 best big-ticket tasting airheaded were all from Paris, about in 2012 the top 3 tasting airheaded in America far beat these.

3) The restaurant at Meadwood, St.Helena – $1,080 for two diners

The restaurant at Meadwood is a two Michelin starred restaurant amid in the admirable Napa Valley. Helmed by Chef Christopher Kostow, the aliment put out at the restaurant avalanche into the class of avant-garde American, about Kostow brand to abbey his card so that he can actualize alone airheaded for his guests. A $225 tasting card is offered in the dining allowance that lets you sample the kitchens able skills. About if you accept the money the tasting card you should go for, is the tasting card at the chef’s table; it will amount you $1,080 and will accommodate you with a chase banquet created by Kostow. The all-embracing acquaintance is incomparable as back you sit at the chef’s table you can see that at The restaurant at Meadwood they baker with their hearts. The $1,080 amount tag is afore drinks and if you’re activity to splurge on aliment you may as able-bodied splurge on one of the amazing Napa Valley wines.

2) Joël Robuchon, Las Vegas – $1115 for two diners

The French Chef has the different account of owning restaurants with a absolute of 28 Michelin stars, authoritative him the best Michelin starred chef in the world. The alleged restaurant in Las Vegas is the French chef’s alone “restaurant gastronomique” and has three Michelin stars. The amplitude is abounding with costly amethyst banquets and pictures of stars all over the place. The best boundless tasting card offered by the restaurant is the Card degustation, which consists of 16 courses. The card costs $435 per actuality and of advance includes caviar and foie gras, two of the rarest capacity on earth. Appropriately a tasting card for two will amount $1,115 afore drinks.

1) Masa, NYC – $1,160 for two diners

Masa Takayama’s restaurant is apperceive for actuality one of the best big-ticket in New York and America, amid in the celebrated Columbus Circle adjacency that additionally houses Thomas Keller’s Per Se. While Masa is big-ticket it additionally dishes out some of the best Japanese aliment in the country. The chef spares no amount back it comes to the affection of ingredients, generally aerial aerial affection articles in from about the world. The expertly advised tasting card charcoal at a amount tag of $450 per actuality with appropriately accretion $1,160 for two people, this amount includes tax and tip but not the aerial affection sake, wine or cocktails.

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