10 Most Expensive Useless Things

 10 Most Expensive Useless Things

While some people are starving, others are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on useless things like diamond-encrusted smartphones and Hello Kitty figurines. This is how today’s world works, and unfortunately, there is not much we can do to change it. Here are 10 most expensive useless things you’ll ever see.

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Most expensive smartphone 

Most expensive smartphone

Some people think spending $700 on an iPhone is a lot, but what if we told you that Dior, a popular fashion company, released a smartphone that costs over $120,000. For all that money, you will get a smartphone that features outdated hardware and software, but at least it’s made out of white gold and is encrusted with 1,539 diamonds.

Most expensive pizza 

Most expensive pizza

It’s probably delicious, but no matter how rich you are, spending $1,000 on a single pizza is just crazy. That’s right, Nino’s Bellissima Pizza costs more than certain people in 3rd world countries make in three months.

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Most expensive Hello Kitty 

Hello Kitty

How much do you think this Hello Kitty figurine costs? $1,000? It can’t be more than $5,000, right? Think more along the lines of $150,000. Yes, this figurine is made of pure platinum and features rubies, sapphires and diamonds, but still, nobody can justify spending that much money on a figurine.

Most expensive jeans 


Not only do these jeans look ridiculous, but they’re ridiculously expensive as well. I have no idea why anyone would spend $27,000 on this ugly piece of clothing.

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Most expensive box of sweets 

box of sweets

If you think previous items on this list were bad, how about spending $1.5 million on a single box of sweets. Sure, Le Chocolat Box is full of chocolate masterpieces, but no one can argue this justifies the outrageous price. Even with the diamond expensive ring or earrings you get as a free bonus, it’s simply not worth it.

Most expensive bra 

expensive bra

Want to surprise your significant other? The Birmingham Estate and Jewlery Buyers 18-Carat Gold Bra Set should do the trick, however, it will set you back for $1,000,000!

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Most expensive tequila 


If you’re like most people, you probably spend a couple of bucks every weekend on a drink or two. But, could you imagine spending $225,000 on alcohol. Well, a private collector from Mexico City spent this exact amount in order to acquire a unique bottle of tequila called Ley .925 that’s made out of platinum and white gold.

Most expensive umbrella 


How much are you willing to spend to protect yourself from rain? Let’s me take a guess — probably not $50,000. This is exactly how much this crocodile skin umbrella costs.

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Most expensive chess set 

chess set

This gorgeous, diamond-encrusted chess set will set you back $600,000, but unfortunately, it won’t make you a chess expert. This set is entirely made by hand and it took 4,500 hours to make.

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Most expensive knife 


Not only is this the most expensive knife you can buy, but it is also the sharpest one. If you’re paying almost $40,000 for a single knife, at least you’re getting something in return.

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