Trusted Caregiver Allegedly Drugged Mom & Stole Her 3-Day-Old Baby Right From Her Home

 Trusted Caregiver Allegedly Drugged Mom & Stole Her 3-Day-Old Baby Right From Her Home


In a heartwarming turn of events, a Mexican family from the state of Hidalgo experienced the joy of reunion with their infant son, Abdiel, who had been kidnapped just days following his birth. The Secretariat of Public Security of Mexico shared this uplifting news through a series of updates on the social media platform X, confirming that the baby was safely returned to his family on Saturday, a mere two days after the distressing incident of his abduction from his home.

Abdiel was only three days old when the incident occurred, plunging his family into a state of despair. Detailed reports from reputable news outlets such as El País, Excelsior, and Infobae shed light on the circumstances surrounding the kidnapping. According to these sources, the alleged kidnapper, identified as Nely Janel Ramírez, was initially brought into the household under the guise of a caregiver. The narrative took a dark turn when the baby’s mother accused Ramírez of administering a sedative to her, based on information provided by the authorities to the media.

The breakthrough in the case came when the infant was discovered in Valle del Chalco, a city within the State of Mexico, marking a significant development in this cross-state operation. The successful recovery of baby Abdiel was the result of a collaborative effort between the authorities of Hidalgo and the State of Mexico, highlighting the importance of intergovernmental cooperation in addressing such critical incidents.

Delfina Gomez, the governor of the State of Mexico, took to X to emphasize the vital role of collaboration between governments in ensuring the safety and well-being of their citizens, underscoring the positive outcome of this joint endeavor.

Infobae’s coverage provided an additional layer to the story, revealing that the baby was found after being abandoned, with alert neighbors playing a crucial role in his discovery. This community involvement adds a testament to the vigilance and solidarity among citizens in times of crisis.

As the family celebrates the safe return of their youngest member, questions about the legal consequences for the alleged kidnapper remain. The current status of any arrests or the potential filing of charges against Ramírez has not been made clear, leaving a lingering sense of uncertainty about the legal ramifications following this harrowing event.

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