Mom Sent Foreboding Text Before Killing Herself & Her 1-Year-Old Baby in Texas Park

 Mom Sent Foreboding Text Before Killing Herself & Her 1-Year-Old Baby in Texas Park


In a tragic incident that has shocked the community in Texas, Briana Monroe, a 26-year-old woman, and her 1-year-old son Giavon August were discovered deceased in a distressing case of murder-suicide, according to local authorities.

Their bodies were found in Monroe’s car this past Saturday, as confirmed by a statement from the Beaumont Police Department released on Monday. The grim discovery followed a series of events that began with a chilling text message sent by Monroe to the father of her child.

The message ominously hinted at her intentions to end both her life and that of her son, prompting the concerned father to report them missing on Saturday afternoon. Despite attempts by him and Monroe’s family members to make contact with her following the alarming message, their efforts were in vain.

As the police launched an investigation into their disappearance, the devastating outcome came to light when family members stumbled upon the scene in a park in Beaumont. Inside the vehicle, Monroe was found in the driver’s seat, and her young son Giavon, who had only recently celebrated his first birthday, was found in the backseat.

According to reports from 12 News Now and KFDM, both mother and son had succumbed to gunshot wounds, leading authorities to conclude the deaths as a murder-suicide. The family of Monroe has been left grappling with not only their grief but also the search for answers. Monroe, who was also the mother to two other sons, was known to suffer from sickle cell disease.

This genetic condition, characterized by a group of disorders affecting the red blood cells, can lead to severe pain and fatigue. While Monroe’s battle with this painful condition was acknowledged by her family, they expressed that it does not provide clarity on the motivations behind her tragic actions.

This heart-wrenching incident has left the community and Monroe’s family mourning the loss of two lives and seeking to understand the circumstances that led to this tragic end.

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