Oregon Mom Is Now Going to Jail After Treating Young Daughter’s Liver Cancer With CBD Oil

 Oregon Mom Is Now Going to Jail After Treating Young Daughter’s Liver Cancer With CBD Oil

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An Oregon mother, Christina Dixon, was sentenced to three months in jail along with supervised probation for her actions in 2019. Instead of following medical advice for her daughter’s liver cancer treatment, she opted for CBD oil and vitamins, sparking a legal battle.

The sentencing took an emotional toll on Dixon, as reported by local station WLBT, with prosecutors deeming the punishment too lenient. Originally, prosecutors sought a 19-month sentence for Dixon’s refusal to comply with medical recommendations for her then-13-year-old daughter’s cancer treatment.

Deputy District Attorney Brian Powell emphasized the critical role of chemotherapy and surgery in saving the daughter’s life. However, Circuit Judge Michael Wetzel chose a 90-day sentence, citing the daughter’s continued support for her mother.

According to The Oregonian, While the daughter wasn’t present at the hearing, her father, Jim Dixon, expressed disappointment in the leniency of the sentence, given the severity of the situation. The legal saga began in 2018 when the daughter was diagnosed with cancer, and undergoing chemotherapy until her mother stopped medical treatments.

State intervention occurred when Dixon refused medical care for her daughter, leading to the Department of Human Services taking custody. Despite this, the daughter continued to live with her mother until Dixon fled with her to Las Vegas just before scheduled surgery in 2019. Law enforcement located them, and the daughter received successful surgery in 2020 after returning to Oregon.

Dixon maintained in court that she never intended to halt her daughter’s treatment but disagreed with the specific medical approach. She asserted her commitment to fighting for her daughter’s life despite the risks. Greg Oliveros, Dixon’s attorney, acknowledged her errors but argued that her love for her child overshadowed her judgment. However, the court deemed her actions as endangering her daughter’s well-being.

Despite the legal ordeal, the daughter is now cancer-free, according to her father. He emphasized the inefficacy of CBD oil in treating the tumor, crediting the success to conventional medical interventions. The case underscores the complexities of parental decision-making in medical matters and the legal ramifications of defying medical advice. It also highlights the importance of prioritizing evidence-based treatments for serious medical conditions to ensure the best outcomes for patients.

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