Mom Jumps From Florida Highway Just as Police Discover Her Twins Unresponsive in Her Car

 Mom Jumps From Florida Highway Just as Police Discover Her Twins Unresponsive in Her Car

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Miami-Dade police have successfully identified the tragic victims of the distressing incident wherein two young twins were discovered unresponsive inside a vehicle alongside Interstate 95, along with their mother who took drastic action upon the arrival of authorities last Friday.

The twins, identified as Milendhet and Milendhere G. Napoleon-Cadet, were three-year-old fraternal siblings, a girl and a boy respectively, whose lives were tragically cut short in this heartbreaking event, WSVN reported.

A thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding their untimely demise is underway, with authorities from the Miami-Dade Police Department leading the charge. However, the precise manner and cause of the twins’ passing are pending the results of autopsies to be conducted by the Miami-Dade Medical Examiner.

Upon the arrival of law enforcement at the scene on Friday, the situation took a further harrowing turn as the twins’ mother, identified as Shirlene Napoleon Alcime, reportedly leaped from the ramp onto the Tri-Rail tracks below, a development now under scrutiny as a possible suicide attempt by authorities, NBC News reported.

The 42-year-old mother sustained critical injuries from the considerable fall and was swiftly transported to HCA Florida Aventura Hospital for urgent medical attention, where she presently remains in critical condition as of Sunday.

Expressions of devastation and disbelief have poured in from family members, who conveyed their profound shock and grief regarding the tragic turn of events. These sentiments were echoed by family members who had already identified the twins and their mother before the official confirmation by the Miami-Dade Police Department.

In a poignant statement to NBC6, the twins’ father conveyed his bewilderment at the unfolding tragedy, asserting his lack of understanding regarding the circumstances that led to such a heartbreaking outcome. He emphasized that the children were devoid of any known health conditions, further adding to the inexplicability of the situation.

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