Foster Mom Flees Following Confession That Son Is ‘No Longer Alive’; Police May Have Discovered the Body

 Foster Mom Flees Following Confession That Son Is ‘No Longer Alive’; Police May Have Discovered the Body


In a distressing incident emerging from Ohio, a 5-year-old boy named Darnell Taylor was reported missing under alarming circumstances on a Wednesday. The unsettling series of events began when the guardian of the child, in a state of utter dismay, approached the Columbus police with a harrowing account. He relayed that his spouse had disturbingly informed him that their son was tragically no longer among the living.

In response to the grave situation, authorities swiftly issued an Amber Alert for the young Darnell Taylor. The call to action was initiated following a 911 call made by a man, identified by the police as Darnell’s foster father. During the distressing call, he conveyed to the dispatchers a chilling account, alleging that his wife had taken the life of the child. This claim was substantiated by an affidavit, as reported by the local NBC affiliate WCMH.

According to the narrative pieced together by the Columbus police and shared on a social media bulletin, the foster father was awakened by his wife, 48-year-old Pammy Maye. She purportedly made certain statements that led him to the grim realization that something horrendous had happened to their foster child, Darnell.

Prompted by these alarming declarations, the foster father undertook a frantic search of their residence before resorting to the emergency call. During this call, he shockingly revealed that his wife had explicitly stated that their son was deceased.

The affidavit further detailed a dramatic moment during the 911 call, wherein Maye allegedly attempted to silence her husband by covering his mouth with her hand, all the while claiming she had concocted a plan. Amidst this chaotic scenario, Maye seized the opportunity to escape the premises, effectively evading immediate apprehension during the critical moments of the call.

The police, in their pursuit of Maye, disclosed via a Facebook post that the foster father reported her sudden departure in a 2015 Jeep Cherokee. In a notable development, law enforcement officials were able to locate the abandoned vehicle in Brooklyn, Ohio, nearly three hours after the emergency call.

As of Thursday evening, Maye remained at large, eluding police custody. Legal proceedings have commenced against her, with charges of kidnapping and child endangerment being levied, as per court documents scrutinized by HuffPost.

In a poignant appeal made during a press conference on Thursday, Columbus Police Chief Elaine Bryant addressed Maye directly, urging her to come forward with information regarding Darnell’s whereabouts. Chief Bryant’s earnest plea underscored the urgency and gravity of the situation, emphasizing the community’s collective hope for Darnell’s safety and well-being.

Amidst the ongoing investigation, Bryant confirmed that Maye’s husband is collaborating with law enforcement, contributing to the efforts to unravel the circumstances surrounding the distressing disappearance of young Darnell Taylor.

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