Ring Camera Captures Mom Brutally Beating 3-Year-Old Son Because He ‘Wasn’t Listening’

 Ring Camera Captures Mom Brutally Beating 3-Year-Old Son Because He ‘Wasn’t Listening’

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Authorities have detained a mother from Sunny Isles Beach after surveillance footage appeared to capture her mistreating her 3-year-old son outside their apartment complex. 29-year-old Yulia Storozhuk is facing charges of child abuse, with two counts recorded in public documents.

Law enforcement officials labeled Storozhuk as a “monster” following the incident.

According to a report by the local NBC station WTVJ, footage from a neighbor’s security device depicts Storozhuk forcefully handling her son, hoisting him into the air before throwing him onto the ground.

The video, recorded around 9 p.m. on a Monday, further reveals Storozhuk kicking the boy twice in an aggressive manner, clutching his face, and shoving him to the ground as he attempts to rise.

As she leaves the camera’s frame, the footage shows Storozhuk delivering additional kicks to the young child, as reported by WTVJ.

Another recording, captured almost 40 minutes later, displays Storozhuk pushing the child in the torso, causing him to topple over.

The investigative report highlighted visible marks on the child, including redness on his cheek and forehead, bruising on his right arm and left knee, and scratches on his torso and back. The child informed the authorities that his mother was responsible for the scratches.

Following her arrest, Storozhuk was confined to a correctional facility. She appeared in court on Wednesday and was subsequently released on bond that evening.

Addressing the media, Storozhuk expressed remorse, stating, “I’m so sorry. I wouldn’t do this anymore.”

In her court hearing, with the assistance of a translator, Storozhuk conveyed her apologies, describing herself as a single mother who succumbed to her emotions during the isolated incident.

Storozhuk admitted to law enforcement that she had kicked and pushed her son as he was not adhering to her instructions. She professed her love for her son to reporters and expressed regret for her actions.

The Department of Children and Families is conducting an inquiry into the episode.

The presiding judge has instructed Storozhuk to maintain distance from her son and refrain from communication with him. Her arraignment is scheduled for the end of the month.

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