Tennessee Mom Arrested for Involving Young Daughter in Bikini Waxing of Semi-Naked

 Tennessee Mom Arrested for Involving Young Daughter in Bikini Waxing of Semi-Naked

(Memphis Police Department)

In a disturbing incident from Tennessee, a mother was apprehended by authorities for involving her 5-year-old daughter in the process of providing intimate bikini waxes to semi-naked women. Jasmine Moss, a 30-year-old beautician, found herself facing charges of child neglect and abuse following her arrest on Monday. The charges came after Memphis police received multiple complaints concerning alarming photographs on Moss’s professional Instagram account.

The contentious images depicted a young child engaging in the waxing process on women who were undressed from the waist down. Among the controversial photos, one captured a woman lying back with her legs apart while the child seemed to be working on her private region, as per the images that were circulated by TMZ. Another photo displayed the young girl donning gloves as she worked on a woman’s exposed genital area.

Moss, in her posts on the now-deactivated Instagram account @jasminedemiracle, boasted about her daughter’s involvement, stating that the child had serviced 24 clients within an approximate span of eight hours. She accompanied the photos with a caption that underscored her intention to pass down her business and assets to her offspring, asserting, “When I say I’m passing down Deed & LLCs to my creations, I mean that!”

The circulation of these photos on the internet last Thursday prompted an influx of complaints to the Memphis Police Department. Many expressed concern over the child’s exposure to nudity and the inappropriate nature of the activities she was involved in, urging the public not to further disseminate the images, she told Action 5 News.

Melanie Saulsbury, a licensed esthetician in Memphis, commented on the situation, highlighting the inherent risks associated with waxing. She pointed out that even trained adult professionals are susceptible to burns, underscoring the inappropriateness and danger of a young child performing such tasks.

Following her arraignment on Wednesday, Moss was released on her recognizance. Meanwhile, both the Memphis police and the Department of Child Services are conducting a thorough investigation into the matter. The Special Victims Unit of the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office is also involved in the case, with a spokesperson affirming their commitment to safeguarding the young victim from further harm and ensuring justice is served in this unsettling case.

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