Minnesota Mom Accused of Having Se*x With 2 Teen Boys After Fighting With Her Husband

 Minnesota Mom Accused of Having Se*x With 2 Teen Boys After Fighting With Her Husband

(Image via Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office)

After it was reported that she had simultaneous se*x with two 15-year-old boys in a motel last month, a 38-year-old mother of two from Minnesota was taken into custody.

According to a criminal complaint, Blaine resident Allison Leigh Schardin, 38, was enjoying a “staycation” with her family at a Roseville hotel where a Colorado boys hockey team was also staying for a tournament.

On the evening of January 14, Schardin started conversing with the two teens who were on the team in a hotel hot tub, revealing to them that she and her spouse were experiencing marital issues, as reported by the Star Tribune.

She sent a Snapchat to one of the guys after they had returned to their rooms, stating that she wanted to visit the teen’s room since she and her husband had just gotten into a disagreement.

According to the Pioneer Press, the mother of two questioned the boys in their room how old they were and assured them they were still young enough to be her children.

After asking them how se*xually active they were and starting a conversation about “se*x and stuff,” she climbed into bed with two of the lads.

Then, while a third juvenile looked on, Schadin started having se*x with two of the teenagers and invited them to have se*x with her.

The two lads claimed to have felt under duress before telling her she had to go. After the two boys went back to Colorado, she contacted them and subsequently appeared at one of their hockey games, according to the authorities.

Schardin was charged with third- and fourth-degree criminal se*xual conduct after being taken into custody on Thursday.

The waiter at the restaurant acknowledged giving the youngsters kisses and engaging in se*xual intercourse. According to the complaint, she also admitted that she had requested a condom but “claimed she wasn’t going to go through with it.” On Monday, she is expected to appear in court.

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