Missouri School Faces Backlash for Targeting Student Who Exposed Teacher’s Use of Racial Slur

 Missouri School Faces Backlash for Targeting Student Who Exposed Teacher’s Use of Racial Slur

Pic: Natalie Hull

A Missouri student has been suspended after filming her white geometry teacher using a racial slur in the middle of class. Now, the girl and her family are calling for the school to reverse the punishment and apologize.

Mary Walton, a 15-year-old student at Glendale High School in Springfield, was informed on Friday morning that she was being reprimanded after recording her teacher using the N-word in class.

“She’s still processing everything, and she doesn’t understand what she did wrong,” Mary’s attorney, Natalie Hull, told The Daily Beast on Monday.

According to local outlet NBC 5 St. Louis, the teacher, who has not been identified, was placed on administrative leave immediately after using the slur on Tuesday. In a Monday statement to The Daily Beast, Springfield Public Schools said the teacher was “no longer employed” by the district.

Hull said the incident stemmed from a discussion between the teacher and students about the N-word. In a video Hull provided to The Daily Beast, the teacher can be heard speaking to the class while the camera is pointed down toward a desk.

“I don’t like the word,” the teacher says. “It feels like when a Black person is using it towards another Black person…how is it not still a derogatory word?” “I don’t get it,” he continues before being interrupted by someone else explaining that enslavers used to use the term.

“Is this word, ‘n—–,’ not allowed?” the teacher asks. “Don’t say it right now, as a teacher, if you want to keep your job,” someone tells the man. “I’m not calling anyone a ‘n—–,’” the teacher says, as the camera pans up and shows his face. “I can say the word.”

Then, the teacher notices the camera pointed in his direction and tells Mary to put her phone away. He commands her to go to the office after she declines to stop recording. Hull said Mary recorded the video and shared it with her mother and two other friends in order to get advice on how to handle the situation. Somehow, however, the video circulated and ended up on social media.

“[Mary] is not the one that posted it on social media,” Hull told The Daily Beast. On Tuesday, Glendale High School Principal Dr. Josh Grove sent a letter to families, RiverFront Times reported.

“We are aware of a Glendale teacher using offensive, derogatory language during class today,” the letter read. “A video of the comments is being circulated and we have received several calls from concerned parents. I want you to know that the comments expressed in the video are inappropriate, inexcusable, and do not meet the professional standards for Springfield Public Schools employees.”

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