Zenith El Primero 410 Triple Calendar Chronograph Watch

 Zenith El Primero 410 Triple Calendar Chronograph Watch

Zenith El Primero 410 watchesfter the close of SIHH 2014 last month, Team ABTW stayed on in Switzerland to meet with a few other local brands exhibiting their new collections. One of the brands we met with was Zenith, the storied manufacture from Le Locle. Best known for their 1969 El Primero (one of the world’s first automatic chronographs), Zenith has been getting a lot of attention in recent years for their exceptional high-beat chronograph collection as well as their partnership with daredevil high altitude skydiver Felix Baum gartner, who recently set the record for the highest skydive ever performed.

Zenith El Primero 410As a manufacture, Zenith does a fantastic job of balancing a fresh modern collection with selection of historically inspired timepieces, for which they have also received accolades. As a die-hard vintage watch fan, I am particularly fond of these lines, and there are a number of beautiful pieces to love from the Captain, Heritage, and Pilot’s collections. Still, it isn’t very often that a modern piece (even one with vintage inspiration) completely takes my breath away– but that is exactly what happened last month when the new El Primero 410 Triple Calendar was presented to me at the Zenith hospitality suite in Geneva.

Zenith El Primero 410 watchIf you’re starting to experience Dejá Vu at the mention of the 410 name, relax. Yes, we’ve already covered this timepiece– wrote up a great piece on the Zenith El Primero 410 back in January 2014 recapping the announcement from Zenith and giving you a look at the first official images. Also, in October of 2013 we discussed another similar limited edition Zenith model  to contain the 410 movement here.

Zenith El Primero watchHowever, after an hour of wrist time and a month of withdrawals, I felt compelled to circle back and share with you some thoughts about what may have been my favorite new non-SIHH piece from my week in Switzerland, as well as provide you with some exclusive hands-on images. So, without further ado… The El Primero 410 gets its name from its innards, the Calibre 410 Automatic Chronograph movement, an iconic unit that saw more than thirty years of regular production before being retired at the turn of the century.

Zenith El Primero watchNoting the increase in popularity of some of their vintage pieces, Zenith brought has back the movement for one final hurrah, in the form of this Limited Edition piece. The Calibre 410 is a column wheel movement that beats at 5hz, has an amplitude of 36,000 VpH, and provides power to the triple calendar and chronograph functions. Ablogtowatch

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