Sinn EZM9 TESTAF Watch

 Sinn EZM9 TESTAF Watch

For 2014, German tool watch maker Sinn has released a new piece in its EZM collection called the Sinn EZM9 TESTAF. What you have here is an interesting watch that is meant for pilots, but really wants to be a dive watch. Essentially, the Sinn EZM9 is a three-hand version of the 2012 EZM10 (hands-on here).

Sinn EZM9 TESTAF WatchWe loved the EZM10 and our appreciation extends to the EZM9, even though it is among the pricier three-hand Sinn timepieces out there. As part of the EZM “Einsatzzeitmesser” collection, this Sinn is built to last and perform just that much better than others. Having said that, this model doesn’t have Sinn’s Diapal technology (discussed here), like the EZM10 – which is a lubricant-free part of the movement. Then again, no three-hand Sinn watches have Diapal as of yet, so it isn’t that big of a deal. Nevertheless, there are some really impressive features in the Sinn EZM9. Inside the watch is a Swiss Sellita SW200 automatic movement (which is more or less the same as an ETA 2824). The 44mm wide case is made in tegimented titanium. Tegimentation is a Sinn process that is meant to harden metal.

Sinn EZM9 TESTAF WatchSo in reality, the hardening process is going to make the titanium case a lot more scratch resistant than most other titanium watches. Just as on the EZM10, the Sinn EZM9 has a sapphire crystal over the rotating bezel, which not only looks good, but is another element to vastly help reduce signs of wear. As a TESTAF certified product, this watch adheres to a high standard set for pilot watches. It is really a combination of durability and legibility. You can see the TESTAF plane logo on the dial. Furthermore, the Sinn EMZ9 has the brand’s “Ar” dehumidifying system that uses a small capsule in the case to absorb any present moisture. This is important because if water enters the case it can harm the movement and also fog up the dial, interfering with legibility. The capsule changes colors if it is too full of moisture and can be replaced by Sinn.

Sinn EZM9 TESTAF WatchIn addition to being both shock-resistant and anti-magnetic, the Sinn EZM9 case is also able to handle a wide range of temperatures and still operate just fine. Sinn claims that the EZM9 can reliably function between -45 and +80 degrees centigrade. Last, the case is water resistant to 200 meters, so it is safe for most diving scenarios – but recall that Sinn does make other more dedicated dive watches and the Sinn EZM9 is more or less intended to be a pilot watch, Yes, we’ve said it before and we will say it again, if you need a Superman mechanical watch, the people at Sinn in Germany are going to be on your shortlist of options.

Sinn EZM9 WatchThe dial of the Sinn EZM9 is simple and attractive with needle, versus aviator-style, hands – that, I often prefer when it comes to strict legibility. The seconds hand is the only semi-decorative element, being colored in both white and orange. For the EZM9 TESTAF, Sinn offers both the two-tone black leather with orange stitching, padded and tapered strap, or a full tegimented titanium bracelet. It honestly looks pretty good on both. The Sinn EZM9 TESTAF ref. 949.010 watch retails for 2,950 Euros on the strap and 3,310 Euros on the titanium bracelet. –ablogtowatch

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