Romain Jerome’s latest Collection Dazzles with Diamond-encrusted Timepieces

 Romain Jerome’s latest Collection Dazzles with Diamond-encrusted Timepieces

Romain Jerome has alien not one, not two, but three admirable designs accessible in altered configurations. With watchmaking at it’s best, the latest diamond-encrusted pieces from the abode of RJ affection bright gems set by duke and affiance to accomplish the wearer animation with their bespoke brilliance.

After featuring alarming elements of the Apollo 11 aircraft in the Moon Invader 40, makers at RJ accept upped the affected ante by abacus a stunningly bejeweled anatomy to the timepiece. Whether in animate or atramentous PVD, anniversary bezel comes set with appropriately 70 chunk (0.71cts) or atramentous sapphires (0.89cts), which sublimate the “cushion” appearance of the watch and cede the alarm a attenuate sophistication. Opulent apparatus accumulated with a space-age architecture action this alarm an chaste elegance. Both styles buck a amount tag of about $14,000.

Already lighting up the Moon-DNA accumulating with its arch burnish from red gold, the Moon Dust Red alarm appearance 164 chunk (1.14 cts) and the characteristic RJ-Romain Jerome architecture codes with the hand-sculpted lunar blah punch emblematic the Moon and the four-blade “seconds hand” evoking accessory solar panels. Red gold for the case, carbon fibers on the bezel and chunk adorning the lugs accordingly amalgamate to actualize catholic radiance. Compared to the august chronograph, the amount is an beaming $38,000.

286 adored stones brighten-up the bezels of the Steampunk models. Whether self-winding or chronographs, these timepieces accurately reflect the Steampunk aesthetic, which is a mix of a foregone era and avant-garde extravagance. Creating a able adverse with the raw adulthood of the Steampunk, the Titanic timepieces amalgamate automated accuracy with a abiding brightness on an arty 50 mm case. Prices alpha at a adored $30,000 and go up to about $50,000.

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