Romain Jerome Hits New Highs with Super Mario Watch

 Romain Jerome Hits New Highs with Super Mario Watch

With the release of this limited edition Romain Jerome Super Mario Bros. watch everything has finally come full circle for me when it comes to my relationship with luxury “nostalgia” watches.

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I once smirked sarcastically when people bought watches that reminded them of their favorite 1960s and 1970s era race car driving heroes and I rolled my eyes as brands sought to charge high prices for gimmicky “collectible” watches inspired by historic events.

Romain Jerome

Sure, sometimes those timepieces were very cool items, but would consumers really want to get them mostly for their nostalgic value? The Romain Jerome Super Mario Bros. watch is being introduced at the end of 2015 so as not to miss the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo Entertainment System (Nintendo has a fun micro-site) video game console.

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Mario as a character debuted in earlier games, but his world really became popular with the famous 2D action scroller that, for one of the first times, made video gaming an exciting and challenging adventure for a new generation of games.

Romain Jerome Super Watch

While the game was released in 1985, I didn’t get it until a few years later when I was old enough to play it. When I laid eyes on the Romain Jerome Super Mario Bros. timepiece, I smiled widely, knowing that Romain Jerome hit my heart in a sweet spot and that I liked the timepiece more than I knew my conservative self wanted to admit.

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Could I see myself seriously wearing a timepiece that featured an important icon from my childhood? A representation of such a seminal part of my personality development? Yes, I think that I could totally rock this timepiece and pull it off well.

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