RJ Romain Jerome’s Limited Edition Batman Watch

 RJ Romain Jerome’s Limited Edition Batman Watch
RJ-Romain Jerome joins forces with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, on behalf of DC Entertainment, and introduces a new timepiece to this exciting collaboration.
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Part of the brand’s Collaborations collection, RJ-Romain Jerome is inspired by the Dark Knight’s mythology and aesthetics with the new Spacecraft: Batman limited edition watch.
RJ-Romain Jerome's

RJ-Romain Jerome is proud to present Batman’s next generation timepiece. Inspired by the brand’s emblematic Spacecraft, Gotham City’s crime fighter adds another high-tech device to the collection with the Spacecraft: Batman.

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Crafted from titanium, this black trapeze shaped watch has adopted a stealth and ultra edgy look to help fight crime. Mirroring the finishing of the Batmobile, the facetted cap of the watch has been hand-brushed creating a unique finish to this timepiece, also known as RJ’s rough finish.


With the iconic Bat-Signal engraved on the facet which is Batman’s first in RJ’s “Horological Icon” collection. Specific to RJ-Romain Jerome’s Spacercraft, form and function are perfectly balanced, giving time-reading a whole new meaning.

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The hour display is revealed on the side of the case with a bright blue indicator and is read off laterally. The minute indicator is featured on a black rotating disc with a striking blue cursor on the top of the case.


Furthermore, the Spacecraft: Batman features a unique self-winding mechanical movement. Exclusively developed for RJ-Romain Jerome by Geneva-based manufacturing facility Agenhor, it combines four different complications: lateral, linear, jumping and retrograde – which is unprecedented.

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To complete the futuristic design of the timepiece, the screw lock crown has been placed on the extremity of the case, facilitating the time change.

 Jerome unveils Watch

Exclusive to this collaboration, a black and blue buffalo leather cuff embraces the unique shape of the timepiece. Indeed the striking strap highlights the Spacecraft: Batman aesthetic and enigmatic look brings out Batman’s personality. 

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Celebrating DC Comics’ caped crusader, RJ-Romain Jerome brings the Batman aficionados together with the launch of this limited edition of 75 pieces. Take off on a new adventure with the Spacecraft: Batman.

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