MB&F LM101 Watch Is Entry Level Legacy Machine

 MB&F LM101 Watch Is Entry Level Legacy Machine

The third MB&F Legacy Machine timepiece is this LM101 model, which represents not only a smaller case size but also a new and more “affordable” price. Let’s be clear, MB&F watches have been, and will continue to be high-end luxury products, but the new Legacy Machine.MB&F LM101 WatchA new accessible price that is over $30,000 less than the LM1, and over $100,000 less than the LM2. So let’s see just where this new Legacy Machine fits in with the overall product range. As you may know, MB&F vacillates between producing new Horological Machine (HM) and Legacy Machine (LM) products. One collection looks into the future while the other looks into the past. The LM101 continues in the same direction as the previous Legacy Machine models, but is meant to be a simplified model taken down to its most basic level. MB&F wanted to include only those key elements that makes the Legacy Machine, a Legacy Machine.

MB&F LM101 Machine watchSo, in simplifying the LM101 what did they do? If you recall, the first Legacy Machine LM1 (hands-on here) had two dials for the time and a neat “vertical” power reserve indicator. Going much higher-end, the Legacy Machine LM2 (hands-on here) featured a much more complex movement with dual balance wheels. So how is that all simplified? The LM101 has just one dial for the time, one balance wheel, and a more traditional power reserve indicator. Of course, the major dial element of the Legacy Machine will continue to be the towering balance wheel which dominates the face with its 14mm wide diameter and impressive arching bridge.

MB&F LM101 Machine WatchIt looks fantastic as ever and even larger, given the smaller dimensions of the case. The dial now features a new a asymmetric layout, which nevertheless does its best to appear balanced. Having said that, the gorgeous symmetry of the LM1 and LM2 are difficult to forget given their very successful dial designs.MB&F continues to find success with the brushed and striped face upon which the complications are placed. The large, domed sapphire crystal is an amazing design element which is imbued with a generous amount of anti-reflective coating.

MB&F LM101 Machine watchWhile proportions of the case are different given its smaller size, the overall effect of the Legacy Machine design continues to be impressive, especially compared with other available classic yet a avant-garde luxury timepieces. So how much smaller is the LM101 compared to the LM1 or LM2? The previous models arrived in 44mm wide cases, while the LM101 is just 40mm wide. That is easily the smallest MB&F watch ever made, and it is difficult to consider that MB&F produced it without pressure from clients who wanted something smaller in size. While we felt that the Legacy Machine 1 was a wonderful daily wear for most wrist sizes, if your wrists are on the smaller side then the LM101 might be a better bet. -ablogtowatch

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