Linde Werdelin SpidoSpeed Black Diamond Chronograph is Limited to 50 Pieces

 Linde Werdelin SpidoSpeed Black Diamond Chronograph is Limited to 50 Pieces

SpidoSpeed Black Diamond Chronograph

Specialists in producing limited numbered watch and instrument series, the Swiss watch company founded by Danish designers; the Linde Werdelin has now unveiled its SpidoSpeed Black Diamond chronograph timepiece, which boasts an ultra-exclusive combination of mother of pearl, DLC with blue steel hands, and black diamonds. This exclusively new watch limited to just 50 pieces is described to be the very first and the only among the noted Linde Werdelin watch collection bearing a dial crafted out of natural material, precisely from the inside of oyster-shells of pristine Tahitian mother of pearls. Notably, each piece boasts a slightly different blue gradient, making each of them matchless from another. However, we have also earlier seen some of the fines Linde Werdelin watches including the SpidoSpeed Chronograph giving 3D skeletonized experience which was unveiled at the Baselworld 2011, and the world’s first luxury dive computer.

SpidoSpeed Black Diamond Watches

Constructed of a complex and fully skeletonised case with special weight-reduction technology, the SpidoSpeed is a chronograph timepiece that has been crafted and designed with inspirations originating from the racing car industry.

SpidoSpeed Black Diamond Chronograph Limited Edition

To give the chronograph a major sense of depth, its dial has been constructed into two major parts, along with different colors usage and surface combinations given by the stunning light effect of the mother of pearl dial.

Linde Werdelin SpidoSpeed Black Diamond

With exceptional accuracy, each 48 brilliantly-cut black diamond of 1.57-carats is mounted meticulously inside the bezel. Costing around $26,900, the SpidoSpeed Black Diamond chronograph will be made available worldwide only in 50 pieces, starting this autumn 2012.

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