Karl Lagerfeld Inspires Rolex Watch

Lagerfeld Rolex WatchKarl Lagerfeld has inspired an exclusive — and pricy — watch. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Milgauss, customized by Bamford Watch Department in a special Lagerfeld version, is to go on sale today at Karl Lagerfeld flagship boutiques in Paris and Munich. The limited-edition timepieces are priced at 19,000 euros, or $25,820 at current exchange.

Lagerfeld Rolex WatchThe Milgauss, conceived as an antimagnetic watch for those who work in power plants and labs, was first introduced in 1956, around the time the young Lagerfeld Rolex Watch started his fashion career at Balmain.

Lagerfeld Rolex WatchThe Bamford version, in matte black, features Lagerfeld’s signature cameo at 7 p.m., his signature at the base and a miniature version of his cameo camouflage on the watch face. London-based Bamford personalizes sports watches independent of the brands. Lagerfeld has a signature watch collection with licensing partner Fossil Inc.

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