JeanRichard Terrascope Aluminum Watch

 JeanRichard Terrascope Aluminum Watch

When I first saw pictures of this JeanRichard Terrascope Aluminum ref. 60500-10-702-FK4B watch I thought there was an issue with the colors in the image file I was looking at.

 Mens watchI am pretty sure that the Terrascope Aluminum watch is a product of Photoshop fun and messing around with filters and someone said, “hey that is pretty cool, we should build some of those.” So they did, and now you can have a high-end sports watch that can easily get lost in a bucket of Legos. What JeanRichard did with the Terrascope Aluminum is take the core Terrascope sports watch design and offer it in a range of bright colors. Because it is difficult or unattractive to color steel in blue, red, and green, JeanRichard opted for anodized aluminum.

JeanRichard Mens watchThus, the usual steel case of the Terrascope is made up of various colored pieces of aluminum in this model. While the color tones of the JeanRichard Terrascope Aluminum watch may be Fisher-Price, the quality is the same as on other JeanRichard Terrascope models. Though, the toy-like nature of the hues do make me want to call it “My First Wrist Watch.” When just seeing the Terrascope Aluminum in pictures I was inclined to feel it was a bit garish.

JeanRichard Mens watchIn a sense it is, with its unfashionable collective of clashing colors. After putting the JeanRichard Terrascope Aluminum watch on the wrist, my heart softened a bit, especially since I’ve never worn a watch that so reminded me of my boyhood playtime. Is that what JeanRichard was going for? Probably not.

JeanRichard Mens watchI assume they feel that this primary colored watch makes some type of artistic statement that romance language speaking Europeans are amenable to. Perhaps there is some sports team whose colors perfectly match this RGB color palette. No doubt there was some “mature” notion behind the decision to produce this watch. -ablogtowatchJeanRichard Mens watch

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