A mother from Maryland is accused of fatally stabbing her kid after a fight in their house

 A mother from Maryland is accused of fatally stabbing her kid after a fight in their house

Prince George’s County Police Department/Facebook

A tragic incident unfolded on the morning of Jan. 25 in the 8000 block of Greenfield Drive, where 42-year-old Querida Rivera found herself in a harrowing confrontation with her 21-year-old son, Cristos Johnson. What started as a dispute escalated into a fatal altercation, leaving Johnson with fatal stab wounds.

Responding to the distress call, officers from the Prince George’s County Police Department rushed to the scene, where they discovered Johnson gravely injured. Despite immediate medical attention and transportation to a nearby hospital, Johnson succumbed to his injuries shortly after arrival.

Details emerging from the investigation paint a complex picture of the confrontation between Rivera and her son. Allegedly, the altercation between the two lasted for hours, characterized by tension and escalating emotions. According to court documents revealed by WRC-TV, Rivera claimed that her son had become aggressive, even resorting to physical violence by shoving her. In response to what she perceived as a threat to her safety, Rivera retrieved a knife and, in the heat of the moment, fatally stabbed her son.

However, conflicting testimonies surfaced during the investigation. A witness, whose account was documented in court records obtained by WRC, contradicted Rivera’s version of events. According to this witness, Johnson did not lay hands on his mother before she retrieved the knife. Instead, the witness claimed to have seen Rivera strike her son before wielding the weapon against him.

In the aftermath of the tragic incident, Rivera herself sustained injuries, including bruises and a cut on her arm. The severity of the confrontation prompted the authorities to take decisive action. The Prince George’s County State’s Attorney’s Office swiftly charged Rivera with first-degree murder and additional related offenses. Rivera was apprehended by law enforcement officers on Feb. 7 and subsequently incarcerated in the Department of Corrections.

As legal proceedings unfolded, Rivera appeared before a judge for a hearing on Thursday, Feb. 8. Despite pleas from her family, including her mother, who testified to Rivera’s character as a devoted mother, the judge denied her bond, as reported by WRC. Testimonies from Johnson’s acquaintances also contributed to the complexity of the case. While some spoke of his gentle nature and vehemently denied any propensity for violence towards his mother, others suggested a history of aggression.

The tragic loss of Cristos Johnson has left a community reeling, grappling with the complexities of family dynamics and the devastating consequences of domestic disputes turned deadly. As the legal process unfolds, questions linger about what transpired that fateful morning and how a mother and son found themselves embroiled in such a tragic outcome.

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