Family Stages ‘Pink-Out’ at Man’s Home After He’s Accused of Killing & Dismembering Teen

 Family Stages ‘Pink-Out’ at Man’s Home After He’s Accused of Killing & Dismembering Teen

Sade Robinson/Facebook, Jackie M. Garza/Facebook

The residence of the individual accused in the killing of 19-year-old Sade Robinson has undergone a dramatic transformation. The house now displays an array of pink decorations, including balloons and signs calling for justice, in a tribute to Robinson’s memory.

The colorful homage reflects the community’s determination to honor her after the tragic circumstances of her death. Sade Robinson’s death has touched many across the community and beyond. She reportedly visited the home of Maxwell Anderson near 39th and Oklahoma on the evening of her disappearance. It is believed that this visit, which occurred on April 1st, was the night she was killed.

The aftermath of this alleged first date has resonated deeply, evoking a wave of emotional responses from people who see parts of their own experiences in her story. Nichole Green, a community member, expressed a profound connection to Robinson’s quest for affection. At 50 years old, Green finds Robinson’s story relatable and poignant, reflecting the universal desire for love, told Fox6now.

In response to a community call, she drove more than an hour to participate in a “pink-out” event held at Anderson’s home on April 15th, aimed at decorating the house in Robinson’s favorite color to convert a place of darkness into one of light and support. The tragic details surrounding Robinson’s disappearance emerged when investigators utilized GPS technology to establish that Robinson was at Anderson’s residence on the night she vanished.

The following day, a horrifying discovery was made at Warnimont Park in Cudahy—a severed leg that was later identified as belonging to Robinson. Subsequent searches led to the finding of more of her remains scattered throughout the county, intensifying the shock and grief among the local community and law enforcement.

Residents of Anderson’s neighborhood were particularly shaken by the grisly findings. Dustine Walker, a local who participated in the community support efforts, noted the dissonance between the man she heard of from her son, who observed Anderson walking his dogs, and the accused murderer. On the day of the pink-out, wearing pink as a symbol of solidarity, Walker and her daughter joined others to express their support.

They emphasized the shared pain and commitment of the Milwaukee community to stand with the grieving family. Stormy Walker, also participating in the event, highlighted the importance of community presence in showing Robinson’s mother that she was not alone in her grief. The sight of community members gathered around the decorated house served as a poignant reminder of the collective mourning.

Despite the vibrant pink decorations that now cover Anderson’s home, they do little to mask the profound sorrow felt by Robinson’s family and supporters. The family continues their heart-wrenching search for her remaining remains. In an effort to manage the financial burdens of memorial costs among other expenses, they have set up a GoFundMe page, reaching out to the wider community for support during this incredibly difficult time.

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