Man Dies Saving His 4-Year-Old Son After They Both Fell Into a Frozen Pond

 Man Dies Saving His 4-Year-Old Son After They Both Fell Into a Frozen Pond

Kevin Howell/Facebook

In a tragic turn of events in Carmel, Maine, 51-year-old Kevin Howell lost his life after heroically rescuing his 4-year-old son from the icy grips of Etna Pond. The incident occurred early on a Friday morning around 6:30 a.m. local time when Kevin and his young son, Sawyer, inadvertently fell through the ice during their routine morning walk across the pond, as stated by the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Office.

In a desperate bid for survival, Kevin managed to hoist his son out of the chilling waters and back onto the precarious ice. With his remaining strength, he sent Sawyer home to alert his mother, Katie, about the perilous situation. Katie immediately called 911 for emergency assistance and, instructing Sawyer to stay put, she hastily armed herself with an anchor and rope, hoping to aid her husband stranded on the ice, CBS News reported.

The situation quickly escalated when Katie, in her attempt to rescue Kevin, also fell through the ice and became trapped in the frigid waters. Detective Jordan Norton from the Penobscot Sheriff’s Office was the first to arrive at the harrowing scene. Demonstrating quick thinking and bravery, Norton crawled across the fragile ice, clutching the lifeline rope, and successfully extricated Katie from the water, ensuring her safe return to shore.

Despite Norton’s valiant efforts, Kevin remained unaccounted for in the pond. This initiated an intensive search operation that spanned several hours, involving the concerted efforts of the Carmel Fire Department, the Maine Warden Service, six Warden Service divers, and one State Police diver, WGME reported.

The search concluded with a somber discovery as two Warden Service divers located Kevin Howell’s body submerged in the pond, marking a tragic end to the search operation more than seven hours after the initial fall.

Kevin Howell remembered as the esteemed town manager of Carmel, was a beloved figure in the community. According to the town’s website, he, along with his wife Katie and son Sawyer, had been cherished members of the Carmel community since 2014. Kevin was known for his diverse interests, ranging from woodworking and constructing cedar log furniture to nurturing his family’s hobby farm.

An outdoor enthusiast, Kevin relished in activities like skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and fishing with his family. His culinary skills were also well-regarded, as he took great joy in preparing meals for family and friends, showcasing his love for cooking.

This tragic incident underscores the unpredictable dangers of natural ice bodies and the profound acts of bravery individuals are capable of in the face of imminent danger, leaving a lasting imprint on the Carmel community and beyond.

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