Disturbing Doorbell Camera Video Shows Man Confessing to His Wife That He Killed Their Son

 Disturbing Doorbell Camera Video Shows Man Confessing to His Wife That He Killed Their Son

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In a heart-wrenching court appearance on Thursday, David Contreras, 52, faced a judge for a hearing that could determine whether he will be granted bond. Contreras is charged with the second-degree murder of his 21-year-old son, Eric Contreras, following an incident that occurred in Kendall in November. The case has captivated attention due to the tragic nature of the events leading to Eric’s death.

The hearing, referred to as an Arthur hearing, functions similarly to a mini-trial and could result in Contreras being released on bond. Emotional scenes unfolded in the courtroom as Contreras was visibly distraught, breaking down upon hearing the 911 call he made after the fatal shooting. In the call, a panicked Contreras can be heard expressing remorse and confusion over his actions, saying, “What did I do? I was fighting with my son…I lost it, he wouldn’t stop.”

Eric, remembered fondly by friends as a humorous and affectionate college student, reportedly had a tumultuous relationship with his parents. Friends revealed that the family had initially planned a trip to Disney in Orlando, but due to conflicts between Eric and his father, the two returned early to Kendall, where the situation escalated into violence, reported Daily Mail.

The arrest report details that David Contreras shot his son multiple times “for unknown reasons” before calling the police to report the shooting. When authorities arrived at the scene near 10703 Southwest 84th Avenue, they discovered Eric with gunshot wounds and pronounced him dead.

Further complicating the matter, it was disclosed that this was not the first instance of David Contreras displaying violent behavior towards his son. Previous incidents included firing a gun at the ceiling and pointing a gun at Eric just days before the tragic shooting.

David Contreras’ legal team has suggested that Eric’s mental health struggles may have played a role in the fatal altercation, portraying the incident as a tragic culmination of ongoing family and mental health issues. Contreras, who pleaded not guilty at his formal arraignment in November, has been in custody without bond. His defense is advocating for his release while awaiting trial, whereas prosecutors are pushing for him to remain incarcerated.

The case continues to unfold, with further proceedings expected to resume in March, leaving many to ponder the deep-rooted issues at play in this family tragedy.

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