Man Charged in Murder of Missing Woman Who Allegedly Predicted Her Own Death and Dism

 Man Charged in Murder of Missing Woman Who Allegedly Predicted Her Own Death and Dism

Jonathan Christy (Howard Co. Jail)

A 39-year-old man has been taken into custody under suspicion of murdering a 44-year-old woman who disappeared last month. According to a news release from the Kokomo Police Department, Brandi Bradley was reported missing on Feb. 11 by her family, who last saw her in mid-January in the 800 block of North Jay Street.

An update from officers stated that they received information regarding the case, leading them to search a remote location. Before her disappearance, Bradley reportedly made a social media post saying, “If I end up dead and my dismembered body is found all over Kokomo, it was John Christy,” as reported by WXIN-TV.

According to WXIN, Bradley and another woman were living in Jonathan Christy’s home. Allegedly, some of Bradley’s friends informed the police that Christy had been abusive towards her, including incidents of choking. Police had responded to Christy’s residence five times between Dec. 30, 2023, and Jan. 19.

After Bradley vanished, Christy was reportedly seen spray-painting his vehicle and inquiring about “burn piles” to dispose of items. WXIN states that during a search of a dumpster where Christy discarded debris from a job site, investigators discovered ash, melted debris, and suspected human bones. However, the bones have not been conclusively identified as belonging to the victim.

On Feb. 14, police found a small red stain believed to be blood, and evidence of a fire in a dumpster on Division Road in Kempton, Indiana. Inside, they found burnt remnants of items including a necklace and a tarp, as well as suspected human finger bones. A doctor examined the bones on Feb. 15, confirming them to be arm, rib, and finger bones. Further testing is pending.

A witness came forward on Feb. 26, claiming Christy had asked for help with a job in January. Allegedly, the witness found Bradley’s body with a bag over her head and a belt around her neck. Christy purportedly stated that Bradley had damaged his home, leading to an altercation where he attacked her with a wrench. The witness reportedly helped Christy move Bradley’s body to a location on Division Road, where it was set on fire. Christy was arrested on Feb. 27 and charged with murder.

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