Serene Beauty of Banff Canada

 Serene Beauty of Banff Canada

Beauty of Banff CanadaBanff is one of the beauteous and wonderful towns of Alberta, Canada where you can excitedly experience luxury vacations with the hiking, the picturesque wildlife viewing, the ice walks and snowshoeing in winters.

In Canada, Banff is located in Alberta Rockies approximately 126 km west of Calgary and 58 km of Lake Lousie. It is at an altitude of 4800ft. Banff is a resort town and a best tourist destination famous for its mountains and hot springs.  It is a great outdoor for different kinds of sports like skiing, biking, hiking etc.

Although the town size is small and everything is at walking distance yet Banff has a public bus system that runs through the town for a small amount. Private vehicles are also available. Another famous means of travel is by bike. Several are the shops to rent bicycles if interested for mountain biking, quick travel or going to historical place like hot spring. Banff is also full of trails by which forested areas can be crossed near waterfalls and beautiful lake and mountains.

Banff has different behavior in winter and summer. Bars, restaurants, boutiques and shops can be found. Visitors from Europe prefer to explore the town on foot since Parking could be a hectic unless a free park can be found near the center. Since tourism was smelled very quickly thus Banff Spring Hotel was built by Canadian Pacific. Although the hotel was thought to be a temporary stop for the visitors who would come to travel across the country, it proved to be an ultimate destination which stands even today for luxury vacations. Swiss mountain guides were hired by Canadian Pacific for those who wanted to climb and have mountain expedition to enjoy their luxury vacations. The tradition is even carried today by the off springs of Swiss guides to mountaineer in Banff National Park.

An annual film festival occurs over two weeks in the months of October to early November. International movies are shown based on outdoor and mountain culture. For luxury vacations the event is very famous and enthusiastic people from different countries and ethnic mix see come to watch.

Banff National Park is a world wonder and beauty for anyone to explore, a destination designated by UNESCO. The most alluring thing of Banff is that it still stands and holds the same beauty today as it had 200 years ago so the travelers can surely experience and see the past in present.


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