Most Expensive Beachouse in the World

 Most Expensive Beachouse in the World

Beach house properties have often been associated with the rich and the famous. Some have gone a step further by buying an entire island, who can be satisfied with just a beach home anymore??

castillo caribe villa image
Among the most famous private islands, Sir Richard Branson owns the entire Caribbean island by the name of Necker Island.

Close by, in the Grand Cayman Islands is where you will find the most expensive vacation home in the world Villa Castillo. The year round beautiful sunshine prevalent in the Caribbean and the crystal clear warm blue waters makes this beach house uber cool but an ultra-expensive holiday gateway. The beach house covers a huge area of 48,437 square feet and boats of  exotic and breathtaking architecture.  Reportedly this stunning villa commands an exorbitant price tag of around $ 57,500,000. The beach house has been equipped with each and every feature associated with Caribbean luxury resorts.

Impressive Villa Castillo imae
“Villa Castillo” is a luxurious beachfront property that has several swimming pools, a private beach, jacuzzi, mini theater room and a very big tennis court. The huge and breathtaking rooms of this fantasy Caribbean villa feature several designer chandeliers hanging from the high ceilings. The living rooms also feature a traditional pool table for the benefit of those interested in this sport. Apparently various expensive carpets with traditional designs can be seen on the floors of the living room of the villa.

Luxurious Villa Castillo photo

A small bar has also been provided at the side of each and every room. Reportedly the furnishings of the beach house are of superior quality which also includes a beautiful black piano. The beautiful trees surrounding the fantastic property provide a spectacular view to the onlookers.bornrich

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