Luxury Hotels – Showcasing Grandeur in YOUR Style

 Luxury Hotels – Showcasing Grandeur in YOUR Style

Luxury Hotels

Luxury Hotels When you hear the phrase “luxury hotel”, it instantly sparks certain image or idea in your mind. Whether it’s an exotic beach spa & resort or some indulgent suite stay at a 5 star hotel, everyone has their own perception of lavishness. However, your purpose or motivation behind seeking a luxury hotel also affects what kind of ambiance you’d choose. For instance, a celebrity getaway could be Fiji Islands, but a business meeting would probably be set in Burj-ul-Khalifa, Dubai.

The categories generally chalked out for luxury hotels 5 star include:

– Business/Corporate hotels

– Honeymoon resorts

– Romantic holiday destinations

– Family luxury hotels

– Beach/Spa resorts

– Luxury ski lodges

– Golf resorts, etc.

Luxury Hotels For Vacations

Undoubtedly, there are several renowned hotels all over the globe that offer the best of these services all-in-one, but categorizing them is meant to highlight a certain ‘specialty’. For example, the lavish beach resorts are famous in Hawaii, Fiji, Phuket, Maldives, Australia, etc. However, all of them might not be appropriate for having a vacation with your kids and family.

While most of us hear raving reviews about luxury hotels like Ritz Carlton, Burj-ul-Arab, The Mansion, Turtle Islands, Huka Lodge, Little Palm Island, etc., let us give you a brief pen-picture of some (less known, yet) purely indulgent and finest five-star hotels all over the world:

Top Luxury Hotels

Avenida Palace – Lisbon, Portugal

If you wish to spend your holidays like a true royalty, the palace built in 1892 could be your classy-est pick. It’s charming, and still, not secluded from the cultural center of the city. Avenida offers you exquisite view and highest living standard.

Avenida Palace Lisbon Portugal

Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof – Frankfurt, Germany

Considered a monument in the urban hotels 5 star, you can enjoy the best entertainment and shopping experience in Frankfurt, without having to compromise on lavish living. Suited both for personal and business stays, Steigenberger is the best choice.

Steigenberger Frankfurter hop frankurt germany

Fujairah Rotana Resort and Spa – Fujairah, United Arab Emirates

Finding a physical and spiritual getaway is possible with indulgent massage treatments, gourmet meals, and mesmerizing sights of Fujairah Rotana Resort. You can enjoy the spectacular white-sand beaches in the privacy of your suite terrace while having scrumptious food. Surely the finest option!

Fujairah Rotana Resort and Spa Fujairah UAE

Marco Polo Parkside Beijing – Beijing, China

Having created a buzz for the avid tourist audience of Beijing Olympics in 2008, this hotel offers a stylish fusion of city-life and subtle luxury altogether. The suites match your preference of urban chic look vs. quiet elegance.

Marco Polo Parkside Beijing

Silken Puerta America – Madrid, Spain

Situated in a quiet residential area and near an exclusive shopping street, this luxury hotel is a landmark created by joint efforts of 18 world-class architects. It certainly is the epitome of ‘heavenly dreams come true’. You can find a unique set of design in each of the 12 floors of the hotel.

Silken Puerta America

Grand Rotana Resort and Spa – Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

You can take pleasure in a Pharaoh-style indulgence at Grand Rotana Resort Egypt where you can HAVE anything you WANT. From snorkeling till horse-riding, you can have the best experience at everything. Whether you choose to windsurf in the clearest of waters, or want to relax in a private lagoon pool, this is the place to be!

Grand Rotana Resort and Spa

If you are planning a vacation than what are you waiting for pack your bag and visit these Luxury Hotels.

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