Famous African Safari Destinations

 Famous African Safari Destinations

famous african safari destinationsIf you are planning to take a break and want to visit a place that is rich in culture, natural beauty, and exotic wildlife the land of Africa is the place for you. Africa being the second largest continent in the world has the most amazing species of plants and animals to intrigue those who love nature and are bored of having the same vacations every time. Africa offers its tourists the best of African safari where you can experience the eye catching beauty of the most breath taking animals and places.

The typical African safari is usually done in the jeeps that take you to the vast and beautiful stretches of this splendid continent. The African safari is an experience in itself. Africa is famous for its lions, elephants, buffaloes, cheetahs and what not. And it is truly a treat to get close to these gifts of nature and learn about them. The African safari is famous in almost every part of Africa but Kenya offers the best African safari because of the large variety of animals in that region.

The most viewed places for African safari are Lake Nakuru in Kenya where hippos and rhinos are present, the famous buffaloes are present widely in Kenya and Tanzania, and the mighty gorillas are present on the Gorilla Mountains where a large number of people visit not just because of the great animal but splendid flora and fauna. The African safari is very popular for the huge number of birds that can be seen there. The African safari also offers different activities like feeding the animals and taking pictures with them. The African safari is well planned across the whole continent of Africa and one enjoys the whole African safari thoroughly.

Places like Kenya, Uganda, Mozambique, Cape Town and Tanzania offer luxury African safari where one can stay at excellent five star hotels and enjoy the African safari anytime. The food and culture of Africa is exotic which makes it the most unique continent of the world. The Madagascar African safari is becoming a popular tourist destination because of its fast development. For those who want to see the true colors of Africa, there is nothing like the luxurious African safari.

The African safari not only lets us see the splendor of this beautiful continent and it’s amazing animals, but also lets us know the land diversity that is spread throughout this continent. During the African safari one can witness the waterfalls, lakes, lush greenery and vast deserts which are rich in beauty. The African safari can be done on jeeps as well as on foot which lets us get up close with the wilderness. The national African safari parks are well kept and one enjoys the trip very much. For an economic African safari, there is a wide range of travel packages to choose from. Moreover, the African people always welcome you with great warmth and are sure to make your African safari a trip to remember.

Here is a list of the most famous African safari:

  • The Victoria falls in Zimbabwe
  • The Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya
  • The Kruger National Park in South Africa
  • The Gorilla Mountains in Uganda
  • The Kalahari Desert
  • The Serengeti National Park in Tanzania

So, pack your bags and plan a trip to the wonderful land of Africa. Enjoy the breath taking scenery and animals that you have never seen before. African Safari is the thing for you!

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