10 Top Tips for Affordable Luxury Vacations

 10 Top Tips for Affordable Luxury Vacations

10 top tips for affordable travel

Want to find a luxury holiday for less? Don’t despair – you don’t need a bottomless budget to enjoy luxury travel. With this helpful guide, it’s entirely possible to find a decadent getaway with a price tag you can actually afford. Without further ado, therefore, here are my 10 top tips for affordable luxury travel.

  • Booking your holiday as far in advance as possible will give you the most choice. Plus you’ll be able to take advantage of early bird discounts.
  •  If you have forgotten to book in advance then last minute special offers can still offer discounts, as long as you are open-minded on where you could jet off to.
  • Be flexible with your travel dates and flight times. Most people prefer to travel mid-morning, which means you can find cheaper deals if you’re willing to travel before sunrise, in the late afternoon or evening.
  •  Booking out of season often makes travel much cheaper. End of season breaks tend to be less expensive than those mid-season. Europe is a great place to visit in Autumn. It’s still warm, not too crowded and you can find much cheaper accommodation.
  • Consider reducing the length of your trip. While ten days in a luxury hotel may be unattainable, five days may be more realistic.
  • Think about flying with a budget airline so you have more money to splash out on your hotel. Once you’re lounging by a de luxe five star pool, the no frills plane journey will be but a distant memory.
  • Don’t rule out all-inclusive options. While you may pay more upfront, you’ll save a ton of spending money, reducing your overall holiday cost.
  • Look closer to home, including in the UK. Flights are getting more expensive with rising fuel costs. And a luxury holiday cottage in a UK national park can still allow you to kick back in style.
  • Check reviews. Where possible, research a hotel or travel provider before you book to avoid disappointment.
  • Research the Web. The best place to find luxury travel deals is online.

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