Live TV Fright Presenter Rove McManus in Stranglehold by Snake During Broadcast

 Live TV Fright Presenter Rove McManus in Stranglehold by Snake During Broadcast

Photo Credit: Channel 10

In a shocking turn of events on live television, Australian presenter Rove McManus found himself in a perilous situation when a snake began to coil around his neck, leaving him struggling for breath. The incident unfolded during an episode of The Project, where Rove, alongside co-host Georgie Tunny, was part of a segment discussing the Australian edition of I’m A Celebrity.

The tension escalated as Michael Hing, another co-host, conducted an interview, and the snake, named Geraldine, tightened its grip around Rove. Despite the dangerous predicament, Rove attempted to lighten the mood with humor, saying, “My safe word is tighter. Is that a problem?” However, he soon expressed genuine concern, stating, “Seriously, it is now making sure I cannot move,” as the snake’s constriction intensified, told “Metro“.

As the situation grew more serious, Rove remarked on his worsening condition, jokingly asking if seeing stars was a shared experience among the crew. Meanwhile, panelist Susie Youssef opted for a safer interaction, choosing to handle a smaller snake and joking about her bravery compared to the unnerving scene unfolding with Rove.

The alarming incident quickly captured the attention of viewers, who took to social media to express their concerns for the presenter’s safety. Many were visibly distressed by the sight of the snake wrapping itself around Rove’s neck, leading to an outpouring of worried comments and questions about his well-being.

This incident adds to a series of unexpected encounters Australian broadcasters have faced with wildlife on air, including a journalist attacked by a mosquito, another startled by a bug down her dress, and a reporter swooped by a bird during live reports. These occurrences highlight the unpredictable nature of live television and the potential dangers presenters face when interacting with animals on-air.

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