Man Found Guilty of Beating Girlfriend to Death, Sleeping on Sofa, Then Dropping It on Her

 Man Found Guilty of Beating Girlfriend to Death, Sleeping on Sofa, Then Dropping It on Her


In a harrowing conclusion to a trial that exposed the depths of brutality, a jury has delivered a verdict of guilt against Leroy Brahm, a 33-year-old man accused of the murder of his girlfriend, Annabel Meenan, along with several other charges related to her death. The Chester County District Attorney’s Office revealed the outcome of the trial on February 9th, highlighting the severity of the charges Brahm faced and the gravity of the crimes committed.

The jury’s decision marks Brahm’s conviction on counts of first-degree murder, aggravated assault, simple assault, and recklessly endangering another person in connection with Meenan’s tragic demise. The murder charge, carrying a mandatory sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole, underscores the severity of the crime and the irrevocable loss suffered by Meenan’s loved ones.

The horrific events leading to Meenan’s death unfolded on December 4, 2021, when officers from the East Vincent Township Police responded to a distress call at the 800 block of Buttonwood Avenue. Upon arrival, they discovered Meenan lying on the ground, grievously injured and unresponsive, while Brahm remained at the scene, failing to offer any assistance to his girlfriend. Despite efforts to save her, Meenan was pronounced dead upon arrival at a local hospital, her body bearing extensive trauma, particularly to her head and face, as well as lacerations across her body.

Evidence presented during the trial painted a grim picture of the violence inflicted upon Meenan by Brahm. Reports indicated a history of abuse, with numerous incidents captured by the home’s video security system. On the night of her death, Brahm subjected Meenan to a relentless and savage assault, delivering countless blows and kicks to her head and body, as well as stomping on her with alarming force.

According to reports from the Daily Local News, the relationship between Brahm and Meenan was fraught with tension, exacerbated by allegations of infidelity. Brahm’s jealousy and possessiveness allegedly reached a boiling point on the night of the fatal attack, culminating in a vicious onslaught that left Meenan battered and broken.

During the trial, Deputy District Attorney Kate Wright shed light on the disturbing dynamics at play, emphasizing Brahm’s desire to assert control over Meenan and his violent response to perceived betrayal. The relentless assault inflicted upon Meenan ultimately resulted in her tragic demise, with the medical examiner attributing her cause of death to cardiac arrest induced by a combination of alcohol and cocaine consumption, compounded by the severe physical trauma inflicted by Brahm.

In the aftermath of the verdict, District Attorney Christopher de Barrena-Sarobe condemned Brahm’s actions in the strongest terms, denouncing the senseless brutality that robbed Meenan of her life. The jury’s decision serves as a measure of justice for Meenan and a solemn reminder of the urgent need to address the scourge of domestic violence in all its forms.

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