CNN is reported to be interested in recruiting Joe Scarborough and CBS hosts, threatening to replace current anchors, Network Gossip Says

 CNN is reported to be interested in recruiting Joe Scarborough and CBS hosts, threatening to replace current anchors, Network Gossip Says


Does CNN want to change the way it really does business? CNN, according to rumors, is trying to reform its network and is on the lookout for new talent. The tabloids have the most up-to-date network gossip.

CNN Wants to Replace Chris Cuomo with A Famous Face

The following February, the National Enquirer CNN reporter Gayle King was being considered by the network as a replacement for Chris Cuomo. “CNN threw the kitchen sink at Gayle,” Insiders dished. Sources said the network hoped King’s squeaky clean reputation would help “pull in a new audience and erase the stain of disgrace he brought to the network.”

CNN was right to concentrate on King at times, but the same could be said of any other major news network. King has been in high demand recently, but she doesn’t seem to have gone too far from CBS. We realized we should take this story with a pinch of salt. Please get in touch Was reporting the forced departure of King from CBS.

CBS is Safe, but what about MSNBC?

Then, according to Get in Touch, CNN suddenly changed direction and headed straight for MSNBC’s Morning Joe. Chris Licht, the new CNN executive, had a history with the show’s stars Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, and he wanted to poach their star power for his new network, according to sources. “When CBS hired Chris, he wanted Joe and Mika to head up his morning show, but they couldn’t get out of their deal with NBC,” The tipper was revealed. “Now, he’s trying the same trick at CNN, hoping this time he’ll pull it off.”

While we acknowledged that anything might happen with Brzezinski, Scarborough appeared to be in a good mood on MSNBC. The pair’s previously three-hour morning show was recently extended for a fourth hour, indicating that the network was giving them a significant portion of their program. Morning Joe had been with MSNBC since 2007, so it’s apparent that the pair’s loyalty cannot be bought.

CNN Warning Reporters To ‘Clean Up Their Acts’?

After Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon’s wild behavior on their respective New Year’s Eve shows, Get in Touch claimed that CNN needs to bring in some new talent fast. “This is what CNN has become — a clown show,” An insider is charged “The network cannot afford to have its marquee talent look bad on the air… Both Don and Anderson have been warned to clean up their acts or face the consequences!”

However, after further inquiry, it became clear that Lemon and Cooper had done nothing wrong. To start with, everyone’s complaints about Cooper’s show were directed at his co-host, Andy Cohen. Despite receiving a slap on the wrist, the Bravo star was eventually invited back to the NYE broadcast. Lemon’s drinking was a comedy, but the majority of the audience found his rambling entertaining. While CNN did not accept the displays, it was evident that the reporters’ careers were not in jeopardy.

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