5 Ways to Transform Your Home into a More Contemporary One

 5 Ways to Transform Your Home into a More Contemporary One

Credit: Curtis Adams / Pexels

Whether your home’s current design is more a bachelor pad than a stylistic paradise, or you have previously favored a more eclectic and vintage aesthetic and are now looking to modernize, you cannot go wrong with contemporary design.

So, with this in mind, continue reading to discover five key ways to transform your home into a more contemporary one.

  1. Keep the Surfaces as Clutter Free as Possible

Even though this first method of transforming your home from a more traditional design aesthetic to a contemporary one seems simple in theory, in reality (unless you are retired or live alone), hectic working lives make it incredibly difficult to keep a home tidy.

You don’t always have time to put everything away; instead, your sideboards can soon get filled with items needing a home.

If you are serious about creating a more contemporary and modern aesthetic, you should find ways to at least hide the clutter from view and look for storage solutions to make the rooms appear more minimalistic.

  1. Upgrade to Steel Frame Glazing

Upgrading your internal doors’ frameworks to steel frames will make for a dramatic and contemporary design aesthetic and make your internal structures significantly stronger and more durable.

Other primary benefits of upgrading to steel frame glazing include the fact that the material requires little to no maintenance and the additional advantage that it can also be entirely sustainable when sourced from eco-friendly suppliers.

  1. Update Your Fireplace

If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace already installed and situated in your bedroom or living room, the time has come to turn your attention to updating it.

Even if you do not already have a fireplace built into the wall of your property, you could instead turn to reputable and renowned stove and fireplace suppliers Stonewoods and treat yourself to a brand-new portable fireplace unit instead.

  1. Bold Accents of Color

Just as in the case of clothing styles and accessories, home décor and interior design trends tend to go around in a circle. This is why you have likely recently noticed fashionable designs you last saw many years ago in the same home and garden magazines.

One such revitalized trend for contemporary homes is that of the intelligent use of bold accents of color, particularly on one wall, to create a feature and a focus. Trending colors for this season include baby pinks, warm reds, and soft yellows.

  1. Statement Stone

Finally, the fifth most effective way of upgrading and updating the interior design of your property to reflect a more modern and contemporary vibe is the addition of luxury statement stone.

Statement stone features work well in the bathroom and/or the kitchen, and instead of allowing stone walls, for example, to seamlessly blend in and almost unassumingly hide in the background, the time has come to celebrate such features with bright colors and interesting patterns.

With these five tips, your home will enjoy a modern facelift that will do wonders for its ambiance.

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