Ways To Make The Most Of Summer’s Best Party

 Ways To Make The Most Of Summer’s Best Party


Couple barefoot in parkIt is very important to decide the day, time, and party theme and to whom you will invite at least two weeks before. With advance planning you will get lots of time to manage other things and to think about the fun properties that you should add to make your summer’s best party ever.

2-Theme of the Party:

Theme the PartyIf you ask me then it is good to arrange outdoor party as with this everyone can enjoy openly, can get fresh air, all the mess will occur outside and your home will be clean and damage free to relax after party. Children will also enjoy and play with full swing outside. So if you decide to do party outside then what is the best other then “Pool Party”?

3-How to Invite:

Invite on party cardYou may send cool invitation cards or can do mail, sms to invite your fellows but the best and authentic way is to call your fellows/ relatives to whom you want to invite. With call you will be sure that your message is conveyed. Remember when you will call them then tell the theme of the party as for pool party they need two types of outfit; one to enjoy the pool and second to change after party. You may also ask them to bring their own fun properties if they want to like water tubes, floating balls or balloons, bubble makers etc. With this they will fully get into party.


Entertainment on party• Pool: If you haven’t a built-in pool then you don’t have to worry as so many artificial pool tubs are available in market in different sizes with reasonable prices. Get your required pools; one for elders and one for the kids so they will play safely inside small pool. If you have truck then you can also convert your truck bed into pool by spreading thick plastic on it put heavy block of brick on all four sides to hold the plastic sheet and then put water in it. Your home made pool is ready to enjoy.

• Make Your Own Slip and Slide:  It’s up to you either you make it for adults or just for kids, depend on size of your slip and slide. You can make it in your home very easily. Bring a long plastic sheet or cut a large plastic garbage bag along the sides, lengthwise. Put the plastic on a grassy area. Be careful that there are no rocks or sharp objects underneath your slip as it would hurt when you do sliding. Secure the corners with large stones wrapped with towels. Add a bunch of baby shampoo as baby shampoo won’t hurt your eyes while taking a slide and help to make your slide more slippery.  Now place the hose at one end of your slide and turn on the water. It’s ready to have fun along with your kids. How’s??

•Create Makeshift Car Wash for the Kids: It will be really a fun and to get busy activity for kids. Just make three stands by using joining pipes. Arrange them in a line, tied strips of table cloth on one stand, hang some colorful wet sponges on second stand and hang a hose on third one. This activity will entertain kids for at least in afternoon.

5- Food & Drinks:

Food & Drinks on partyDon’t put burden on yourself to spent whole day in a kitchen, gets tired and not enjoy the party. It’s better if you ask your fellows and do one dish. Every one brings their favorite food and enjoy all together. Another option is to enjoy with simple snacks like popcorns, nachos, bite size burgers or sandwiches. But with all these things don’t forget to make a chiller tub and put lots of water bottles, juices, cocktails and cold drinks to remain chill in summery season.

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