7 Tricks to Make Your Bedroom Feel Extracozy

 7 Tricks to Make Your Bedroom Feel Extracozy

Winter is still very much in full swing, and some of us may have a few months of it left. But instead of letting the thought of dark, cold days get you down, take some time to turn your bedroom into a sanctuary. With the addition of soft, plush textures, the right color choices, and some smart design tricks, it’s never been easier to turn your humdrum bedroom into a cozy winter hideout! Discover ahead some of our favorite ways to make your bedroom feel cozier.

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1. Hang Decorative Tassel Art

Hang Decorative Tassel Art

Tassel art looks great above your bed, adding more depth and texture than conventional wall hangings. And it can be a supereasy DIY project, too.

2. Fill a Basket With Throws

Fill a Basket With Throws

You can never have too many blankets! Pile knitted throws, faux-fur blankets, and quilts into a decorative basket for instant appeal.

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3. Decorate With Antiques

Decorate With Antiques

Antiques and flea-market finds are perfect for warming up a space, especially when they’re worn and look loved.

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4. Use Faux Fur

Use Faux Fur

Pillows, throws, rugs . . . the options for faux fur are endless. You can never have too much faux fur in a cozy space, so combine as many of these options as you like!

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5. Get a Plush Rug

Get a Plush Rug

If you have a cold floor, stepping out of bed every morning onto a plush rug that envelopes your feet is just the trick.

6. Have a Breakfast Tray on Standby

Have a Breakfast Tray on Standby

Why get out of bed when you can easily have breakfast in bed? Keep an attractive tray on standby for decor and convenience.

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7. Hang Heavy Curtains

Hang Heavy Curtains

Thick curtains in a dark, rich color add drama to the room and tone down the natural light, giving your bedroom a warmer feel.

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