Is The 7 Minute Workout Too Good To Be True?

 Is The 7 Minute Workout Too Good To Be True?

7 Minute Workout

These days, 7-minute workout is getting a lot of attention and is in discussion in every age group. It was first published in the journal of American College of Sports-Medicine’s Health and Fitness. This article was really in circulation of media, e-mails, and blogs and on different health related websites. However, the authenticity of the 7-minute workout is questioned by many experts. Is the 7-minutes workout too good to be true? Let us discuss its different aspects to get to know about the validity of the famous “7-minute workout

  • Is the workout really needs 7-minute?

As per the article, it is suggested and recommended that one should repeat the routine of exercise for nearly three times consecutively. This shows that the complete package of the workout would take nearly 20 minutes. It would be indecent to ignore the fact that no matter how high intensive exercise may be, it cannot produce results if it is done for just 7 minutes because this is the usual time for the body to get warmed up and muscles take this time to get in line with the exercise movements. So one can say that 7-minute workout is too good to be true.

  • Seven minutes are too short:

Cris Slentz, the famous exercise physiologist at the University of Duke, is reported to have said that some exercise is better than none but the 7 minutes are too less time period to have an effective exercise that can shape the body to burn the excessive fats in the body. He further said that 7 minutes would give you modest physical benefit because such a short workout cannot actually affect the metabolic activity of the body thus causing no constructive change in the physical health of human.

  • 7-minutes program is vague:

The propagators of the 7-minutes program don’t tell us that that should do the 7-minutes workout. It is not recommended to the overweight people, older people, and young people, to sportsman, to women or to injured or uninjured people. So, one cannot tell that whose age group would be benefited from the 7 minutes workout. Elsbeth Vaino, a specialist in the field of strength and condition, told that the exercises in the 7 minutes program are not good for the person whose bodies are naturally weak and unprepared. However, the only beneficent of this is those persons who already having healthy and fit bodies.

  • 7-minutes program is scientifically tested or not?

No doubt, the 7 minutes program is based on scientific standards but, unfortunately, it has not been tested yet to measure the extent of its benefits on the different age groups. The article in the journal of the American College of Sports are comparing the results of high and low intensities of exercise without proving much about the potential capabilities of 7-minutes workout program. Adam Bornstein, a fitness and nutrition expert, opined that 7-minutes are too short to prove on scientific basis because the authors of the 7-minutes workout claim it to be revised for at least three times that means total 21 minutes in a day. In heaven it may be true but on the earth, 7-minutes workout is too good to be true.

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