Get The Ultimate 6 Pack In 6 Steps

 Get The Ultimate 6 Pack In 6 Steps

6 Pack AbsIf your body is overall bulky then it is the time that you should join gym to burn all the fat and get an ultimate six pack. For ultimate six packs it is very important to look before anything you eat.

It is not an easy task to get six packs which causes jealousy to people who are also on their way to get or trying to get ultimate six packs. It is unacceptable for every man to have a bulky tummy. If you want to look fit and healthy then your tummy should not bulge out. It is no doubt difficult to get ultimate sixpacks but it is not impossible. Just follow these 6 steps to get an ultimate six packs.

Cut calories

Normally men take in around 17 calories per pound of their body. To get an ultimate six packs it is very important to cut down your take in of calories by at least 20 percent. If you are taking in 17 calories per pound then this is the time to reduce it to 14. If you do not follow this calorie schedule then you can cut down your intake of calories all over by 20% to get six packs.

Meals and shake

Forget about taking 3 meals a day and try to adopt habit of taking 5 meals a day. This is very helpful to achieve ultimate six packs. 5 meals a day will increase the metabolism of the body and in this way food will be digested in a much faster way. This also helps in building muscles and when muscles are built then calories are burned. After workings out for six packs try to take liquid meal which consists of protein shake this will give strength to your muscles.


Intake of carb is also very beneficial to get ultimate six packs. Try to take slow digesting carbs which will reduce the insulin response and less fat will be stored in body. Carb also give tough and healthy look to your body. Some of the slow digesting carbs are oatmeal, spinach, sweet potato and yams for achieving six packs.

Carbohydrates schedule

Carbohydrates are also essential for six packs. You should follow a schedule for the intake of carbohydrate to get ultimate six packs. Before one hour of your workout take carbohydrate then immediately after workout for six packs, then after an hour and then after 4 hours you should take in carbohydrates.

Protein Intake

Make your goal to take around 1 to 1.5gm of protein per every kg weight of your body. Intake of protein increases the metabolic rate of burning fats which results in getting ultimate six packs. Some common sources to get protein are from chicken, beef, ostrich and fish etc for six packs.

Intake of fat

Like intake of carb, carbohydrate and protein are important to get ultimate six packs in a same way it is important to take in fat too. But it is very important to keep balance when taking in fats. If you want to use oil in your food then you should take olive oil or coconut oil.

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