Best Workouts For Men At Home

 Best Workouts For Men At Home

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In busy schedule, it is hard to take some time out for gym and therefore many men have to leave their precious exercise habit. However, you don’t have to worry anymore. Here you will find best workout types for you which you can try at home without the hassle of going to gym.

Workout is very important in life of a man for health and fitness. Save yourself the hassle of going to the gym by bringing it home. Work out at home is an easy and convenient way to stay healthy and in shape without having to go to gym. Here is a quick and simple workout which you can do at anytime in your home. This best workout at home will provide you what you actually need.

Men’s main focus during any workout is muscles – especially chest and biceps. Pulling exercise is the best and most functional workout in home. In this exercise, you use your body weight against yourself. This exercise manipulates leverage and allows you to control difficulty. Pulling exercise helps you in gaining size and strength for further workout.

For upper body strength, pushups are still the best exercise though it is old.  Give yourself a time limit and do as much pushups as you can do within a given time. Try different variations in this exercise but do remember to keep your legs and back in line under your chest.

mens plank exercise

Planks are one of effective exercises you can try at home. However, don’t take planks easy. It seems to be easy but it can lead to sweating and shaking. Planks force your body in alignment, force your abs and put force on hips.   Planks work for your upper and lower abs and side planks is perfect for oblique. People who spend long time in sitting, this exercise reduces lower back and hip pain and also improves your posture.

For butt, hip and quads deep knee bend is a great workout. Squat down by keeping hand on head. And repeat this exercise.

Dumbbell image

Try Dumbbell stepup. During this exercise, you will stand facing a bench or chair with dumbbell in both hands. Place one foot on the bench so that your thigh is parallel to floor and your knee is bent. Then drive your foot on the bench and raise yourself up like you are standing on the bench with one foot hanging off. Reverse this step and repeat.

Lie face down exercise

Lie face down on a bench while position your arm at shoulder level. Now press your arms straight and repeat this exercise. Dips are another choice. Sit on the ground and elevate your feet by putting on chair. Lift and lower yourself with the help of arm and repeat.

Here are some important points that you must keep in mind when you are going to start exercise at home.

  1. Men should warm up their body before starting workout at home as they do in gym. Men are less flexible than women. A warm up of ten minutes can prevent you from muscle strain and injury.
  2. At home, make sure to wear proper outfit and shoes that you prefer to wear at gym.
  3. Don’t overdo. During any workout at home, you must know your limits as you are lifting weight without the help of any trainer. Gradually increase weight and don’t exceed your strength.

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