At Least 10 Minutes to Stretch

 At Least 10 Minutes to Stretch

Stretching Exercises for Men

Men are often seen complaining of tiredness after the hectic day at their office or after the work which they did all the day. They want to get rest and relaxation after their job. If you want the same thing then you have to spare at least 10 minutes to stretch from your precious time. 10 minutes are not a big time indeed so you should spare 10 minutes for your healthy life.

Exercise can keep you healthy and wise so do not avoid it at any cost. Stretch for 10 minutes everyday because it can improve your balance, flexibility and strength. If you stretch cold muscles then it may cause injury so always warm up your body before stretching. Regular stretching for 10 minutes can improve your blood circulation and can reduce muscle soreness. Stretching is easy that makes your body flexible and active.

As a person get aged, his muscles tighten and he could not be able to his daily physical work as his joints and muscles become weak and can’t bend anymore even to pick a dropped thing on the ground. The flexibility of his body reduces to zero! Only stretching on daily basis can save you from this problem in future.

Muscles and joint movement

If you spare 10 minutes for stretching, the length of your muscles and tendons will be increased and can also increase the selection of your movement. It can definitely make you physically fit.

Increased ability to perform skills

When you will be physically fit, you could be able to perform various physical tasks (like jumping, running, bending) without pain. Stretching even for ten minutes enables you to possess a more active lifestyle.

Injury prevention

By making your body flexible through daily stretching, you can prevent the injury or joints and muscles as your joints and muscles become strong and flexible by stretching them daily at least for 10 minutes.

Reduce muscle pain

If you have muscle tension or have pain in your muscles then daily stretching for 10 minutes can save you form this tension. You could get relief form any sort of muscle problem through daily stretching.

Enhance energy

When you move more, you will get more energy. Stretching is a physical activity that can help you to gain more energy and become active.

Reduce cholesterol

It has been proved by research that daily stretching exercise like yoga can reduce the cholesterol level of your body. Moreover a healthy diet plan is also essential for a healthy life.

There are some techniques for you to stretch daily, follow them for stretching in a better way.

Warm up first

When you are about to stretch your body, warm it first as cold body stretch can pull your muscles. Warm up your body by slight jumping or a walking to some distance.

Hold each stretch for 30 seconds

Whatever part of your body you are stretching; keep one thing in mind that stretch that part of your body for at least 30 seconds as it takes few seconds to lengthen your tissues. You can keep your eye on the watch to note the time. If you do each stretch for 30 seconds then it is no need to repeat that stretch again because 30 seconds are enough to stretch any body part.

Focus on a pain free stretch

If you feel pain while stretching then avoids stretching to that point and come to the point where you don’t feel any pain or irritation and hold the stretch there.

Breathe freely

When you stretch your body parts, don’t holds breathe as it is unhealthful for you. Make breathe and body relaxed while stretching.

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