7 Muscle Building Exercises to Avoid

 7 Muscle Building Exercises to Avoid

Muscle Building Exercises to AvoidMuscle building exercises are most favorite ways for guys to get higher fitness results and strong body muscles. For achieving such fitness it would be excellent if you guys join the gym and do muscle building exercises under the super vision of experts. The techniques are behind in such muscle building exercises. But if you do it at home on your own skills remember inefficient and injury inducing moves should be avoided by all men while doing muscle building exercises to gain the ultimate fitness. Such exercises can lead to problems which can ultimately halt a great ongoing routine. Hence the seven muscle building exercises to avoid are as follows

1. Triceps kickbacks:

When men do triceps kickbacks, the body twists and wriggles, the triceps building process requires every other muscle to take the brunt of the weight, making it an hard exercise for getting higher fitness results and is good to avoid.

2. Crunches:

Crunches should be avoided, which are done for six packs, and the process envisages the bending of spine and thus the power is shifted from the hips to the upper torso, thus giving the lumbar discs so many repetitions of crunch leading to the occurrence of possible injury and pain.

3. Leg Extensions:

Leg extensions are another building exercise to avoid and if it is not done properly then it can grind the knee joint thus putting the connective tissues into compromised positions. The isolated kind of movement can haul correct activation of certain muscles causing excessive stress on various body muscles.

4. Upright Rows:

Upright rows should also be avoided in building exercise, which are meant for shoulder and upper right back and can cause the shoulder problems like neck and biceps tendon. Pain can also occur if the exercise is performed repeatedly in a poor manner.

5. Bouncing:

When doing stretching exercise bouncing can further stretch the muscles. This sudden overstretching stimulates stretch reflex thus contacting muscles even tighter to prevent injury. Bouncing thus is counterproductive due to the reason small tears to muscle tissue can occur, also referred to as muscle tenderness? So do it with high aware to get accurate fitness results in Building exercise.

6. Toe touches:

The toe touching exercise while bending down with legs straight can make the lower back muscle stretch more and therefore stress the vertebrae, discs and muscles of the lower back. If a twisting movement is added to the toe touch exercise, joint damage can occur.

7. Smith machine Squat:

Smith machine is a device which gives the look of a towel racks is a very dangerous way to squat and therefore should be avoided. As the only movement which is allowed on this machine is straight up and down, this does not envisage body shape and posture also adding more weight and stress on the lower back and knees.

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