2013 Fitness Resolutions

 2013 Fitness Resolutions

Fitness Resolutions

New Year brings new challenges and it’s always a wise approach to prepare yourself for what looks inevitable in future. Fitness is most important thing and if you are fit enough then you can enjoy even the smallest of happiness but otherwise even the gigantic achievement do not excite . It’s not a bad idea to give some time to your body, yes! We have a very fast life style but, imagine what’s point in achievements if you are not fit enough to make use of them? So fitness must be given a top priority regardless of how busy schedule you have or how challenging job you do. There must not be any excuse, valid or invalid. Everyone likes to have an attractive body and for that to achieve hard work is very important. If you are committed to get fit and healthy 2013 then here are few tips which would certainly help you give your body a shape.

1) Get rid of stiffness :

Before starting any exercise make sure your body is flexible enough otherwise you might hurt yourself. Warm up your body and get rid of any stiffness. All you need to do is just elevate your body’s temperature and for that to achieve, walking on treadmill for 15 minutes would not do the job. All parts of your body must be warmed up before you could start doing any exercises. What we suggest you is to carry out shoulder circles, hip circles, planks, and Spider-man. These will ensure that your body is warm enough to carry out more rigorous exercises.

2) No single jointed exercises in start:

Men loves nice biceps and exactly why, it is still to be answered. By doing single jointed exercises first you are spending way too much energy upfront on single muscles and neglecting other group of muscles like back or chest. Exercises for back and chest muscles require your arms to be fresh and strong enough to carry out exercises. Pull-ups, rows, pushups, or shoulder presses with good form require great strength in your arms and if you already have carried out biceps then you are most unlikely to have that strength left in your arms to carry out these exercises properly. Yes, you can mix up things, that’s not a bad idea.

3) Whole body is important:

Do not only spend time doing workouts for your biceps or triceps. Your whole body is important and deserves your attention. If you are a body builder then its ok to split up your training days, otherwise trying to split up body parts will result in missed opportunity to burn fat and get lean. What I recommend is, perform workouts that have a leg movement, a pull, a press, and core work every time you hit the weights. This will ensure that all of your body had some sort of work out along with burning of more fat by releasing gut-busting hormones in your body.

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