Workout at your own pace and comfort level

 Workout at your own pace and comfort level

workout_at_your_own_paceWorkout is necessary but it does not have to be a painful experience, it can be a pleasure working out too only if you do it right.

As a rule of thumb, workout of temperate intensity will make you slightly warm or sweaty, and to some extent out of breath, but no more than that. Observe the effect the varying intensity of your workout has on you, only then you can decide the workout that is right for you.

According to the studies, no more than 37 per cent of men and 24 per cent of women take an adequate amount of workout to get any advantage from it. To steer clear of obesity, heart disease and other life-limiting conditions, the chief medical officers propose the following.

Adults should do a bare minimum of 30 minutes moderate-intensity workout, five days a week. You don’t have to do the complete 30 minutes workout in one go. Your half-hour of workout could be made up of three ten-minute bursts of workout spread through out the day, if you prefer.

The workout activity can be a ‘lifestyle activity’, in other words, walking to the shops or taking the dog out, or structured workout or sport, or a combination of these; but the workout needs to be of at least moderate intensity. For people who are at explicit menace from obesity and need to administer their weight because of a medical condition, need 45-60 minutes of workout at least five times a week. For people who have issues of bone health, workout activities that create high physical stress on the bones are needed.


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