Unsuccessful Workout? 6 Common Blunders You Might Be Doing!

 Unsuccessful Workout? 6 Common Blunders You Might Be Doing!

unsuccessful-workout-blundersAre you sweating and pushing yourself to shed the tummy fat and get the masculine, ripped abs?

Let me guess, not working well for most of you?

To be honest, working out incessantly is not a medal of how macho you are. There are animals that can perform such mundane, repetitive tasks for us. Exercising is done to keep your body, mind and spirit healthy. If you don’t believe in such spiritual connotation, just remember if you look good, you most certainly will have a confidence! So, if you’re helplessly stuck with sagging fats and reached a plateau of muscle-building, here’s what you might be doing wrong:

  • Exercising like a chore! True that you have millions of troubles to think about. However, if you are lagging aimlessly in the gym and performing your cardio workout with mind wandering elsewhere…your fats will hug you tightly! Stay focused and motivated upon your goal. Enjoy, but don’t get overboard.
  • Showing off to you! Well, admit it. You lose count of the sets you do, and always exaggerate the ones you DO complete. It’s better to have a realistic unbiased picture of all the combination cardio workout you do. So, better to keep an app in your cell phone to record, or a little diary would also do. And no, it’s NOT stupid!
  • Eating like a Pot-Belly Crown Prince! Just because you exercise, it doesn’t mean that you can intake anything within your hands’ reach. Nutrition is undoubtedly of prime importance whether you’re working out for fitness or muscle-building. It’s imperative that you take recommendations from a nutritionist about the diet you must have. Starving or stressing yourself would only imbalance the hormones.
  • Sticking with the same workout – till death does you ‘part! There’s a concept called ADAPTATION. In simpler terms, your body adjusts with the type of workout you do if you retain the same routine. Consequently, you hit a plateau zone when the same exhausting exercise is just “normal” for the body. Try to change your workout pattern as suggested by a professional trainer.
  • Being your own boss! Yes, no one understands your limitations and psyche well than you, but some people are known as PROFESSIONALS for a good reason. What’s your inspiration or guiding beacon when you adopt a certain routine of exercise? Friends, family, colleagues or that guy who lost 60 pounds in your gym? Well, everybody responds to the same workout in a different way, so it’s high time that you hire a personal trainer dedicates his effort and time to get you a customized workout + diet plan.
  • Shortcut to become Johnny Bravo! Unrealistic goals are the most detrimental to your workout efforts. 10 pounds in a month? Nah-uh! If you expect some magic wand to do wonders for you, it ain’t gonna happen, buddy. So, you might as well be rational and set attainable goals for a month, 3 months and so on… Do remember to treat yourself over the milestones you cover.

You might have one or more of these issues at some level in your workout schedule. Rectifying them for the best is up to you, and you certainly CAN! Good Luck!

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