Venus And Serena Williams’ Stepmother Files for Bankruptcy to Save The Family’s Florida Home

 Venus And Serena Williams’ Stepmother Files for Bankruptcy to Save The Family’s Florida Home


Lakeisha Williams is the step-mother of American tennis players Venus and Sarena Williams as she claimed bankruptcy in the recent past.

The 43 yrs. Old is continuously fighting to retrieve fragmented Palm Beach Gardens, Florida home. She and her ex-husband shared subsequently his divorce from the Wimbledon champs’ organic mother, Oracene price in 2002.

According to Daily Mail, Richard Purchased the four-bedroom property for $355,000 back in 1995. The same 10-acre home that he would use to prepare and prime both Venus and Sarena to glory

Williams had two tennis courts that is built on the property he would practice regularly with his daughters.

Subsequently his break from price, Lakeisha shifted into the home after she and the well-known coach jumped the broom in 2009, but their cheek by jowl proved home of cards.

Williams went from many strokes and go about to develop signs of dementia. The prior couple later on separated in 2017 and Williams went for divorce soon after mentioning that his wife allegedly mold her signature

“To have his name removed from the property records, leaving just her name on the paperwork,” the Daily Mail noted.

Lakeisha carried on to live in the home during their divorce but the lavish property was seized in 2021 after Miami Mortgage lender David Simon began legal action at odds with Lakeisha who shares a 9 years old son whose name was Dylan with Williams.  The house was parted off in February of last year. But Lakeisha filed legal documents under chapter 13 to protect her home from distorting interim and discontinue being on sale.

Now Lakeisha is begging the divorce judge to interim discontinue the process of divorce, by forcing that her marriage with Williams Is not yet properly broken. She even claimed that their sex life is going smooth rather than their married life, Radar online reported.

W.r.t legal documents Lakeisha is pleading for divorce to permit her to pay up the home’s whooping dept of $491,562 which she has to pay over the period of 5 years, but Simon and his lawyers reacted back contradictory to the action, before time.

“This is a hotly contested case. A secured creditor has a judgment in foreclosure exceeding half a million dollars on a residential home that the debtor owns,” court filings state. “This is the debtor’s second bankruptcy case… if at first you don’t succeed try again. But do it fast, and don’t provide notice to your adversary!”

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