The unexpected gift Phil Mickelson gave Jon Rahm after winning the U.S. Open

 The unexpected gift Phil Mickelson gave Jon Rahm after winning the U.S. Open

Jon Rahm’s U.S. Open victory would not be complete without Phil Mickelson. As Rahm waited out the dying seconds of the national championship on Sunday evening at Torrey Pines, Mickelson stayed nearby — propping himself next to Rahm’s wife, Kelley Cahill, and son, Kepa, as Rahm grinded away on the driving range.

When his win was cemented, Rahm and Mickelson shared a hug, just as they had when Mickelson won the PGA Championship a month earlier.

You see, Mickelson and Rahm’s friendship extends far beyond the golf course, and far beyond the last few months. Golf’s last two major winners formed a bond during Rahm’s college days at Mickelson’s alma mater, Arizona State, where Lefty first saw (and shortly thereafter, first wagered on) the talent of the young Spaniard.

Since then, Rahm has kept a tight circle of those around his game, and has kept Mickelson among those in the circle.

On this week’s episode of GOLF’s Subpar, Rahm explained to hosts Colt Knost and Drew Stoltz how Mickelson returned the favor for years of friendship with an unexpected U.S. Open gift, and how he plans to use it.

“I do have a video coming in mind, it’s a wine I was gifted by a friend,” Rahm said. “People probably saw it. Phil was probably seen holding a bottle of wine with Kelley, right? He was holding the bottle of wine. And it was really nice wine that he gave me and I did not expect it.”

As for how he plans to enjoy Mickelson’s gift, Rahm has a unique video idea.

“So I got permission from him, because I know all of the wine drinkers of the world are going to be so mad at me for doing this, but I’m going to decant it in [the U.S. Open trophy] and we’re going to drink it out of that,” he said. “And it’s going to be me and Kelley.”

Of course, back in May, a $450 Napa cabernet sauvignon sold out online after Mickelson was photographed drinking it from the Wanamaker Trophy. In his conversation with Knost and Stoltz, Rahm declined to say what type of wine Mickelson had purchased for him, but admitted he was excited to give it a whirl.

“It is very nice, I’ve never had it,” he said.

To hear the rest of Rahm’s Subpar interview, check out the complete video below.

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